Six-on-Saturday 12-12-2020

It is a challenge finding the 6 items, but I’ve had a go.


The gooseberry bush looked stunning in the sunshine yesterday.


I can’t remember what this is called, but it is looking fine at the moment. The next frosty night or windy day will remove these remaining leaves.


Plenty of leaf buds and, I hope, flower buds too on the lilac tree which I attacked many months ago. It looks as though it needs the internal branches to be thinned out as well.


I pulled up all 9 of the rather disappointing bulbs that, with the help of many of you Six-on-Saturday participants, were identified a few weeks ago. I would say that there are at least 50 new bulbs, albeit some rather small ones, nestling around the original ones. I will put many in the ground and pot some in the greenhouse.


The horse tail stew which is in a lidded container at the bottom of the garden. I think of our favourite French man every time I look at it because he told me how to make it. (That’s a compliment, Fred, I think of Mr Propagator every time I look at my compost container!)


Again, many thanks to Fred whose sweet pea seeds have been planted in the greenhouse this week.

That’s my Six-on-Saturday. Today is nice and sunny so I may force myself out into the garden although it is very wet underfoot.

Belated thanks to those of you who entered the Coffee Grounds debate. I have decided to continue adding the small amount we generate to the compost heap.

Have a good weekend. I am already trying to think of next week’s Six-on-Saturday…….it will be even more challenging!

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