Six-on-Saturday 05-12-2020

Yes, as Mr Propagator says, the enthusiasm is rather lacking at the moment although there is still plenty to do out there despite the weather

Let’s get started then.


I must admit I did most of my photos on Tuesday when the sun was shining. This rose is still there but looking a bit wetter and colder today.


The tulips are planted!……all 20 of them! There is another pot by the greenhouse door with some in too.


The lawn on Tuesday morning. I did some shredding the previous week thinking the last few bits would be picked up by the mower…..


yes, they were, eventually. It was rather wet but it’s been wetter and been mown. (Sorry about the glare but the sun was very bright.)


I know I’ve shown this before, but the Rainbow Chard is still going very well. It tastes as good as spinach and is less susceptible to the “beasties”. Those that have a nibble seem to prefer the dark red leaves.🤔


I know we curse them throughout the year and I remove all of them when weeding, but I am looking forward to the pretty blue of these forget-me-nots in the spring. I’m not pulling any more up now. (I will weed around them.😄)

That’s it again. Have a good weekend, although it’s not really going to be gardening weather here. Back next week.

9 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 05-12-2020

  1. These Rainbow Chard leaves look good ( and tasty…) and I have to admit that your lawn is much nicer than mine, covered in leaves. Soil too wet and soggy leaves to blow and pick them up right away … It will have to wait!

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  2. My small patch of grass desperately needs mowing but it’s much too wet, sadly. Yours sets your garden off beautifully. I’ve been thinning the forget-me-nots to reduce the slug hiding places but leave a lot as I love them in the spring.

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