Six-on-Saturday 19-12-2020

Only 6 “sleeps” until Santa! We mustn’t get too excited. We have had alternate sunny, rainy days this week but I’ve managed to find enough, sort of, for this week’s Six-on-Saturday.


I bought some cyclamen and red pansies to brighten the front door troughs. I hope they last until next summer.


I hope the red pansies don’t clash with the pink cyclamen in the back garden troughs. All the other colours of pansies had sold out.


The sempervivums in the other trough in the back garden are still thriving.


The orchid is entering its 8th season. I must tie the flower stem to its support – it seems to be trying to escape.


Mr & Mrs Propagator’s #4 child asked for a crocheted bed cover since her big sister and Mrs Propagator had already had one made from the traditional Granny squares. So I thought I would get away with this on Six-on-Saturday since it is definitely floral……..not sure what flower it is, anyone know the name?


Well, so, it was like this…….about 35 years ago, our younger daughter decided we needed some more tasteful decorations on the Christmas tree (as well as, not instead of, the toilet roll Santas). She bought some nice red apple baubles, but, they have gone off and been affected by the damp or the mice in the garden shed or a horrible apple disease. πŸ˜’ Anyway, I peeled off the bumpy skin to reveal a polystyrene centre. Fine, I thought, I will spray them with some bright red paint left over from the hydrangea heads or maybe a couple with red, glittery nail varnish. Unfortunately, as you can see, both just melted the polystyrene. So, bring in the crochet hook and the red, glittery yarn and quite an acceptable result. πŸ‘

Happy Christmas, look after yourselves and see you again on Boxing Day. πŸŒ²πŸ€ΆπŸŽ…πŸ‘‹

16 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 19-12-2020

  1. These little red Christmas decorations reminded me of strawberry tree fruits or small lychees.
    Regarding the flowers of the bed cover, it reminds me of auriculas. What do you tink of it?
    Have a very Good Christmas L, you and your family…

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  2. Too much common ground here, I did cyclamens and orchids; Sue spends half her life crocheting so we’re surrounded by crocheted cacti, bags and so on. She did some baubles for her brother recently. Toilet roll santas we don’t have. Have a great Christmas.

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  3. You are clever with a crochet hook. Like Fred I think the flowers look like auriculas. Toilet roll Santas made me laugh! We had a lot of those with the crepe paper and the cottonwooll beards! 🀣 Have a safe and happy holidays!

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  4. Those crochet apples are adorable – so much more than acceptable. And the quilt is just lovely too. Happy Christmas – I hope you have a great one.

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  5. Your crochet skills are enviable, Granny. The quilt is splendid and the crochet Christmas decorations are so cute. We had very odd Christmas tree decorations for many years and lovingly put them on the tree each year. Those days are long gone now. Enjoy the festive season.

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  6. Crochet blanket most definitely acceptable. I’m currently trying to catch up with a Jane Crowfoot crochet along. Your sempervivums look very healthy. I think mine have got too wet outside so I’ve moved them to the glasshouse for a dry out

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    1. I’ll look that up. I’m actually at the stage of having knitted and crocheted for over 60 years, I have a lot of bits and pieces and odd balls of yarn that need to be used. I’m trying not to buy too much new yarn but a wool/craft shop is like an Alladin’s cave to me……..difficult to emerge empty handed! Fortunately, I have several very grateful (or polite) granddaughters who are an outlet for my blankets. In fact, if I use the correct football team colours, my grandsons are happy with scarves and cushion covers. πŸ˜„πŸ§Ά


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