Six-on-Saturday 11-09-2021

My daughter and grandson are with us this weekend, so another excuse for a brief post. They did the local Park Run this morning and both came first in their age groups…….I was just one of the marshals this time.

The garden is at its best at the moment, as far as colour is concerned, but could do with a tidy up.

Here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


The sedums are beginning to show more colour now and will go on attracting the bees for several weeks.


There are a few, bright groups of rudbeckia around the garden. They seem taller this year.


I only have the one dahlia so it gets maximum exposure. Fred’s pale pink snapdragon is peeping out from behind.


I mentioned them last week but the Morning Glory do love the greenhouse! They are doing much better than outside…… 5 blooms and more to come. 😁


Suddenly, there are masses of tomatoes as well 🍅!


The gaura looked rather dishevelled after the heavy rain yesterday but have recovered well now.

That’s it again. My daughter is with us until Monday morning and may be here for another visit before she goes back to Dubai. It has been lovely seeing her and we are hoping to go over there early next year.

Meanwhile, have a good weekend and in your garden. 👩‍🌾🦋🌹🍅🌺🐈‍⬛

7 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 11-09-2021

  1. Your Gaura is magnificent. I hope mine makes such a display when it gets a bit older. The Rudbeckia are also lovely and that beautiful Morning Glory. If only bindweed was as nice! Have fun with the family!

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