Six-on-Saturday 21-08-2021

Such a dreadful week in the news, we are so lucky to have gardens and the freedom to do as we like without fear here.

We had a lovely time with our family last week, but they are all so BIG and eat so much! Some will be back again but our son-in-law and one of our grandsons go back to Dubai on Tuesday.

Here are this week’s Six-on-Saturday.


I quite like this view of the Loosestrife (from Mr Propagator, of course) through the bamboo and gladioli. I’m thinking it is time to cut back the hollyhocks in the distance, they have more than done their bit this year.


The Morning Glory usually show just one or two blooms per plant but there were six on this one earlier this week. (There is another one you can’t see hiding at the back.)


This dahlia survived in the ground all through the winter……looks promising!


I showed a slightly different view of this before but the rudbeckia and Fred’s sunflowers look very good with the Red orache….thank you to “30 days of wild parenting” for identifying it.


This was supposed to show how well the red, climbing rose was doing but another rose joined in, as did the verbena boniarensis and various weeds.🙄


Good news/bad news. The Swiss Chard is managing to produce enough leaves (and parts of leaves) to provide several portions per week, but the cabbage leaves have gone the same way as the broccoli, brussels and Romanescu cauliflowers – see the stalks to the left – and the marigolds have been completely demolished. Hey-ho.

Not a good weather forecast for the weekend, I’m afraid, but the garden does need the rain. I was hoping to re-pot the Jumbo Pink Banana Squash plants into bigger containers but it is too wet for that at the moment.

Have a good weekend anyway. 👩‍🌾🦋🌹🍅🌧☔

11 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 21-08-2021

  1. Gorgeous Morning Glory..! I noticed that it’s very floriferous this year ( here too) : so much the better!
    Nice mix of sunflowers and red orache.(Be careful, the seeds are very easy to reseed. I struggled to contain mine last year in a strict location)

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  2. Your border is very full and colourful Granny. Lovely to spend time with your family….. we are in lockdown here, so nothing like that is happening. (I know you had more than your fair share of lockdown over there. We are a bit late to the ‘party’)

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