Six-on-Saturday 31-07-2021

I was thinking that there is lots going on in the garden but not a lot to say about it. I may follow our leader’s example and be fairly brief.

Having said that, the main news this week was the total lack of promised rain here last weekend, although I think it all fell in the first 10 minutes where GGHI and I were playing golf yesterday. We did dry out before we finished, fortunately.

Here are this week’s Six-on-Saturday.


Wednesday’s harvest. The spinach and kale have been sampled by the local insect population, what they left tasted fine.


I know, not roses again, but these buds looked so pretty, asking to be included.


These two came from the same packet of superb-um seeds provided by Mr Propagator. Judging by those shown in previous weeks by other SoSers, they do vary in size and shape of petals.


Well…..can you see it? No, not the little weed I missed when doing the patio 🙄🤷‍♀️…….the first signs of a Jumbo Pink Banana Squash! There have been several flowers (very similar to the courgette flowers) but this is the first evidence of the fruit (?) or vegetable (?).


Talking of courgettes, at last some look as though they may grow to full maturity and not shrivel away to a pathetic mess.


The perennial sweet pea is looking good as usual but needs a lot of support. It really does best scrambling over a stone wall but I don’t have one handy. Oh, another rose. 🤔

That’s it again. We had a postcard from Mrs Propagator this week, they were having a good holiday so I hope the recent gales didn’t spoil it for them. I wonder what Mr Propagator’s garden will look like when they get back – even lusher, I expect.

Have a good weekend in your garden. 👩‍🌾🦋🌹🍅

8 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 31-07-2021

  1. My courgettes are at the same stage. Very pretty yellow roses and ‘Jumbo Pink Banana’ squash has a very attractive name! I wonder what it will look like …Can’t wait !


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