Six-on-Saturday 24-07-2021

No tall, dark, handsome grandsons this week, they are all off to the English Riviera with Mr Propagator. The garden has been watered and watered but is still looking a bit sorry for itself in places. I have been deadheading and path scraping which are time consuming but not exciting enough to put in the post, however, there is still plenty of colour.


The bog standard hydrangea looks very pretty at this stage before it’s fully out – it looks quite good when it is fully out.


One of Fred’s sunflowers. They have been coming out in stages providing a nice splash of yellow at the back of the borders.


I showed the all red Hot Lips flowers a few weeks ago. Now they are nearly all white. Mr Propagator told me they are red when it’s cold and whiter when it gets hotter, if I remember correctly.


Rather curly beans and Fred’s pretty Sweet peas in amongst them. Some of the beans are smothered in blackfly. I have cut off a few stems to remove them. The garlic/mint concoction has eaten through the plastic spray bottle but doesn’t seem to have had much effect on the blackfly. 🤷‍♀️🤔


A couple of pretty roses just because they look nice. 🙂


Tomatoes beginning to show. Yes, they are late but the first lot of seeds didn’t germinate so by the time the second lot were sown, it was rather late in the season. (A rogue Apple of Peru seedling sneaking in. There have been none in the garden but I’ve pulled up a few in the greenhouse already.)

That’s this week’s Six-on-Saturday. The weather has turned suddenly cooler and rain threatens, fine for the garden but most of our grandchildren are on holiday, so not so good for them. I think next week should be fine but not as hot. Have a good weekend. 🍅🌹🦋👩‍🌾

11 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 24-07-2021

  1. I no longer remember that I sent you sunflower seeds!😂… This one is very pretty. Here too the first flowers have arrived.
    I’m also happy to see that the sweet peas are still in bloom in your garden which is no longer the case in my garden. I dug up them this afternoon. Bye Bye Sweet peas and see you next year !

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  2. You’ve succeeded with both beans and sweet peas – both a disaster for me this year! Lovely colour on the yellow rose. I’ve got Hot Lips too, and recently acquired Amethyst Lips which is similar with white and deep purple rather than red.

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  3. Beautiful Roses. S. ‘Hotlips’ is either white or red for me, rarely both at the same time. I’ve bought ‘Amethyst Lips’ (plus some others) to companion grow with the Roses after reading an article by Sarah Raven. I bet the curly beans taste just as wonderful as straight ones

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