Six-on-Saturday 10-07-2021

If you watched Gardener’s World yesterday, you would have seen the gentleman who grows sweet peas. Well, he was one of our neighbours about 45 years ago. 😲 Meanwhile, back to the present, the lovely nasturtiums are now covered in blackfly and the leaves have gone yellow, I don’t know why. As Mr Propagator mentioned recently, the gardens have run away completely but at least we have had enough rain to allow me to pull up the weeds which seem to replace themselves almost instantly. Enough moaning (who? me?) and on to this week’s Six-on-Saturday.


The Leucanthemum from those seeds Mr P gave me has burst into flower. (The one on the other side of the garden seems to be at least a fortnight behind this one.) The only trouble with this is the rather unpleasant – but, fortunately, very faint – smell. It reminds me of the Sea Holly I grew once ages ago, but that was a more powerful smell. Are they perennials or biennials? I will look it up, or, more likely, Google it.


The strawberry trough is no more. The first year it got the glare because all I harvested were about half a dozen fruits. The second year it got the first warning because there were only a couple, then this year I ate the one strawberry the same size as one of the garden peas I picked last week, so I didn’t bother with the final warning and just removed them. I have replanted 4 of them in the fruit garden among the blackcurrant twigs. These are the two Jumbo Pink Banana Squash plants. When I moved them, not all the roots stayed attached so I’m not sure whether they will survive.

3) Talking of blackcurrants…….

….yesterday’s harvest. The original blackcurrant bushes have done very well without the redcurrants crammed in behind them – I beat the birds this year. The few strawberries are from two old plants that continue to grow under the gooseberry bush and those are the first couple of raspberries that the birds missed, a few others have been sampled already. The gooseberries are the best yet, that is the first picking of kale and the first of the garlic. There was another picking of rhubarb as well later.


The first hollyhocks and the first gaura. I spent a long time in the spring putting all the hollyhocks at the back of the border. Unfortunately, some of them have crept back to the front while I wasn’t looking……but they are beautiful.


The astilbe from Mr Propagator several years ago does a little better each year.


I don’t know its name but what a stunning rose. It sounds daft but I’m sure you understand that sometimes a flower just stops you in your tracks and is quite breathtaking. I’ll say no more.

Have a good weekend in your garden, although some of you may be otherwise occupied on Sunday evening ⚽️ after an afternoon of 🎾. I’ll be 🍅🌹🦋👩‍🌾😁

16 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 10-07-2021

  1. It’s true that weeding is constant at the moment and when we have finished one place that they grow back in another. It doesn’t stop because of the rain!
    You are going to have lots of hollyhock flowers even if we can see that the leaves are a little bit nibbled by some beetles: I have the same problem here but that doesn’t prevent it from blooming. Superb rose to finish!

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  2. I like flowers that stop you in your tracts, when they are in ones own garden, well that is quite something. I totally see that you have that with your rose. Nice gooseberries, are they something just us grandmas like?

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  3. What a lovely harvest on your table there, impressive blackcurrants and gooseberries (which I don’t grow, I have memories of getting caught in the prickles when my Mum sent me out to pick the ones in her garden, but maybe they make less prickly ones now?). Your hollyhocks are just lovely. Watch out for the leucanthemums, they spread vigorously (definitely perennial, there’s no getting rid of them). I love them nonetheless!

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  4. Harrumph and hubba hubba. I would have liked my share of the strawberry. I think the rhubarb is super and my stewing technique is good too. As for your hollyhocks. Well……..


  5. Say no more! The rose is go h-álainn ar fad, a chara!
    I am in solidarity with the strawberries scenario. Blackbirds have won the day. But I got my revenge… The plants are composted. Furthermore, my plant list for next year is minus one.
    Looks like good sunshine this week. Enjoy!

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  6. By Sea Holly I am thinking you mean Eryngium? The taller ones? Which I have and yes they do pong when they turn colour and flies lurve them! I thought I had dug mine out, but a bit of root must have got left behind because here it is again this year with more flower spikes than ever! Fortunately it is at the back of the garden and given we live next door to a farmyard full of cattle, well, let’s say one does get used to the smell! I wish I lived closer as I’d be round for a portion of the gooseberry crumble. I love goosegogs! I gave up on strawberries after my third year in which the slugs managed to nibble them. Not nice. I also have Leucanthemum vulgare – the common oy-eye daisies which I haven’t noticed smell, but boy do they spread! Enjoy the rest of the week, hopefully we are due for some sun. At last.

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