Six-on-Saturday 05-06-2021

I woke rather early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep so decided to get started on my Six-on-Saturday. I took most of the photos yesterday and was going to venture outside to take more in the beautiful morning light but it’s freezing out there! Maybe later.


The evening light on the alliums looked lovely. Mine are mostly the bright purple ones, but there are a few of the silvery ones and some quite different pale pink ones.


The Salvia “Hot lips” was a few pathetic twigs last week, but is now flowering and competing for space in the front garden with the giant, pink poppy.


Here’s that giant, pink poppy looking good against the neighbour’s grey gravel. It is very dramatic for several weeks but would take over given the chance.


Also in the front garden, I thought these were stray wild garlic but they aren’t…….obviously. 🙄🤔 I’m not sure what they are but I like them.


A bit of yellow. The irises are coming to their best now. I don’t have any others colours but maybe I’ll buy some purple ones for next year. The Welsh poppies look after themselves, as does the bindweed if I let it. (I’ve noticed a couple of other weeds lurking behind the hollyhock. I’d better sort those out before my sister visits this week.)


Guess which rose has been the first to flower in my garden. Yes!! Mr Propagator’s red, climbing rose, closely followed by Mr Propagator’s pink, climbing rose. Very exciting……well, I’m excited. 😁🤸‍♀️🎉🎈🎊. I had another happy hour with more of last year’s lilac branches, brass screws and my drill. I felt the Alibaba rose deserved a trellis to match the obelisk for the red rose. 🙄

The weather looks very warm for the next few days although I understand the match was completely rained off at Lord’s Cricket 🏏 ground yesterday. It was pleasant sunshine here and not too hot to stop me weeding, although the soil is too dry to allow the roots to come up easily.

Anyway, have a good weekend in your garden, weeding or just enjoying sitting in the sunshine. 🌞 🌷🦋👩‍🌾

8 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 05-06-2021

  1. Ha! No sitting in the sunshine here today, we are covered in mist! But nice soft rain to soak the garden and after a couple of days of back-breaking weeding and repotting I needed the rest. Love those pink poppies against the neighbour’s grey gravel, what a match! And I love your engineering skills 💕

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  2. I bought Hot Lips a gew years ago at a market. The crafty seller convinced me to but it “for the wife”. Later, I heard him mentioning to a lady passer by she could try to convince her hubby to buy one for her!
    It’s a fine plant, and very easy to successfully propagate from cuttings.

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