Six-on-Saturday 13-02-2021

A bit chilly here, as well. I managed an hour or so earlier in the week but only positioned that obelisk and weeded a small area of the flowerbeds. Is it sensible, or safe, to prune in this weather? If so, I will get out there and continue tidying up.

Here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


I like to start with a bit of colour and this is about the best I can do this week. 🤨 The anemone will stand up again when it gets warmer, I hope.


You may remember I decided to try these slug traps last year. Unfortunately, not a success. I did manage to trap a few slugs but there were more worms drowned and a baby newt. I have decided not to continue using them. So, if not slug pellets, then what? Any ideas for using 10 of these?


While in a negative mood, those beautiful cyclamen have succumbed to the frost…….as has the terracotta trough. I think the pansies should be fine.


Three of our grandchildren did a splendid job of painting the garden shed a few years ago. I don’t think I can wait for their next visit, it could be a long time, unfortunately, so I will have to do it myself. Also, the self-seeded buddleia needs a good pruning.


TULIPS! I can see at least 3 and there are a couple showing in the other two pots. (Only three pots of tulips? Yes.)


If you look very carefully, you can see the red, climbing rose (🌹) that Mr Propagator gave me last visit. Honestly, it is there with several leaf shoots, but not very big…….yet.

Have a good weekend and keep warm.

14 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 13-02-2021

  1. Because neither me nor hubby drink beer, when we get given some, I use it for slug traps (small pot in the ground) – effective, but it’s an unpleasant job dealing with the results. Otherwise, I have found copper tape to be effective for protecting plants in pots e.g. dahlias. Obelisk looks great in situ, nice colour on the shed too, good luck with the painting.

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  2. It’s nice to see the tulips coming up. If you turned the slug traps the other way up would they work as bird feeders? I’ve used the wool pellets, coper tape and beer traps, all with varying degrees of success – sometimes they seem to work, sometimes they don’t. Late evening slug and snail patrols in the spring and summer help a bit.

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  3. Between slugs ans snails, I sometimes use circles of pine needles, sometimes circles of ashes from the fireplace and when they are too numerous, organic pellets which are not dangerous for wildlife and pets.
    I confirm than that obelisk is very original and will be effective

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  4. I agree that no anti slug measures seem very effective. I think the best thing is to keep soil healthy with good organic matter, reduce weeds and places for thorn to hide under and accept a few losses. In the past I tried collecting them in a bucket but this led to a disgusting mush!

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  5. I’d say your shed has a ‘shabby chic’ look. It used to be all the rage. Can’t wait to se the rose smothering your beautiful obelisk. It’ll look gorgeous.

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    1. I’m afraid the “shabby” outweighs the “chic” just a little too much🤨. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the rose to smother the obelisk, but it will happen. Thank you for your comments. 🙂


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