Six-on-Saturday 26-12-2020

Gone by in a flash, as is always the case with Christmas. We did a lot of Zooming, WhatsApp videoing and eating. We shall be having turkey in various forms for a few days yet. I hope you all managed a good day yourselves.

Back to the Six-on-Saturday we have all been looking forward to.


Here come the helibores. Very pretty but still a few leaves to be removed.


Even more colour! There are geraniums flowering all year ar various places around the garden.


These are usually the first daffodils to flower up our road – not that I am competitive.


A rather nice allium head.


Plenty of clematis buds. This is the one against the dead plum tree which has flowers from spring to early winter.


The back garden on Christmas morning in the frost. I couldn’t persuade the cat to pose on the bird bath this time.

That’s it again. Very best wishes for a healthy New Year to you all and let’s hope for a better 2021.

10 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 26-12-2020

  1. What a lovely neat and tidy garden! Mine is a mess at the moment, stuff blown all over the place. Glad you have had a lovely, if different, Christmas. And yes, get those blackened Hellebore leaves removed! The flowers are so pretty. I haven’t noticed any flower buds on mine yet, but they always seem to be later than everyone else’s. Hope you keep safe in the storm!

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    1. Do I HAVE to go out in the sleet today remove the blackened leaves? Please may I leave them until it is drier outside? I hope you escaped any damage yourselves as we did, fortunately. Have a good New Year and let’s keep our fingers crossed that things will get better in 2021.


      1. Oh, go on then. Wait until you have to go out for more photos. I did check mine and my leaves aren’t as black, but then I don’t get frost, no buds yet though. I suffered a leaky conservatory, again sigh… and some broken pots. We’ll live!

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