Six-on-Saturday 21-11-2020

Rather a mixed week weatherwise. I did manage to prune the Mexican Orange blossom shrub which I will show in this post. I’ve managed to find some colour as you are about to see.


Having removed the lobelia a long time ago, the pelargonium plants are getting more air and continuing to produce a few buds and flowers.


The various stages of the pruning.

a) the pruned shrub with at least 4 barrowloads of twigs/ branches

b) the pruned shrub. It looks better from a distance but I will need to straighten those edges and gather the fallen leaves.

c) the shredded prunings in the compost container.


There is now room to store the fruit cages and the wheelbarrow behind the pruned shrub.


I’ve decided to plant two of each of the redcurrants and two of the blackcurrants in the raised vegetable bed and use one of the fruit cages as a……..fruit cage🤭. I had just plonked about 6 twigs of each variety into a small space and forgot about them all winter about 5 years ago and they all survived. They are far too close together and it’s difficult to pick the fruit but the birds manage very nicely.


A blurred photo of the chrysanthemum that Mr P gave me. (It was blowing a gale while I was taking the photos.) The blooms are a slightly deeper pink than they look here.


My companion in the garden since the cat was asleep indoors.

Have a good weekend.

17 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 21-11-2020

  1. Wow – that was allot of woody stems to shred. I’m assuming you have a decent shredder? It’s something I’d like to invest in to speed up composting.

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  2. I love the smell of the foliage, so pruning your Mexican Orange Blossom shrub would have been rather pleasant. Isn’t it gratifying that from the prunnings of your fruit bushes, you have increased your stock?

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  3. You’re very brave pruning your Choisia! I’ve just been leaving mine to do its own thing, but it’s really needing a good haircut. I worry I’ll kill it! I hope your little robin continues to befriend you – always nice to have a tiny friend in the garden.

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