Six-on-Saturday 17-10-2020

We had a couple of days away last weekend at a hotel near Worcester. We went there 3 weeks ago and found it very relaxing, so had another short break there before the weather gets too cold. Not quite a substitute for our usual fortnight in Dubai but that will have to wait a while. Anyway, the result is I haven’t done much in the garden but there are still a few plants worth a mention.


Well, I would class that as Salmon pink, or pale pink with darker pink edging. I will take another photo next week before I make a final decision. (Almost as exciting as the potato saga!🤭)


Another pretty penstemon with the euonymous pushing in.


The euonymous is beautiful at this time of year. The berries may become an even deeper colour yet.


I bought 10 bulbs of this back in April/May time. They are supposed to be an explosion of white blooms. This is the only one that is nearly obliging. Plenty of healthy leaves on the rest. Meanwhile, the fuchsia goes on and on.


Who said the sweet peas were finished? A bit scruffy looking but pretty enough to be spared the chop.


Special Child rose is blooming again. Another plant that earns its place in the garden.

That’s it for another week. There is plenty of tidying to do but I often give up when I feel there is more colour to come on a particular specimen.

Have a good weekend.

8 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 17-10-2020

  1. The euonymous is very striking, the berries look like little buds, ready to pop open. Lovely. The Fuchsia is an explosion of colour, I hope it continues to flower for you. Special Child is a very pretty rose.

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  2. Is your mystery bulb Polianthes tuberosa? I was given some of these a couple of years ago and have yet to see a flower! Lots of leaves though. Special Child is still so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the colour of Gladys next week.

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