Six-on-Saturday 03-10-2020

What dreary weather we have had the last couple of days and it is still raining today. We are lucky to have avoided the worst of the gales. Consequently, my Six-on-Saturday this week consists of a few photos I took on Wednesday and Thursday, some in the house and one through the windows.

It’s just as well that I can’t show you the giant Brussels sprout plant on the compost heap……..I picked some which appeared large and ready but they tasted pretty uninteresting to rather unpleasant.😝 I don’t hold out much hope for the 2 remaining plants. Meanwhile, the broccoli are showing no little broccoli stems but are turning into leafy, bushy-branched shrubs, if that makes sense. So, those fruit cages didn’t protect the broad beans from the mice that slipped through the wire earlier in the season and they only protected the Brussels and broccoli from the first wave of attack from the Cabbage White butterflies. 😡🤬👹 Anyone any suggestions as to alternative uses for 2 exquisitely crafted, carefully designed, unique fruit cages?

On that note, here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


As one of the founder members of the Salvia Hot Lips Appreciation Society, I feel this is the right photo to start the post.


A bloom on one of the plants Mr Propagator gave me last visit.


That strange plant whose leaves close when touched, as shown in the second picture. A present from my son and daughter-in-law last week.


The second dahlia in bud. Will it flower before the colder weather sets in? My guess is that it is yellow.


I keep thinking the sedum won’t get any darker, but each week it does.


Not another long shot, I hear you cry. 🥱 I wanted to show you the lovely golden tree in the cemetery which provides a nice backdrop to my garden. What you can’t see is the “ornamental” wheelbarrow (behind the central flowerbed) which has completely collapsed and is one of my tasks for the colder weather. The problem is getting it into the garage to dry out without getting myself wet!

That’s it again. Have a good weekend and try to keep dry. 🌧

14 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 03-10-2020

  1. I have been out of commission for a while so I LOVED the long shot of your garden! And I didn’t realize your garden backed up to a cemetery! Any interesting tidbits about living next to one? I really liked the closey-up plant. I have a plant in my home that stands at attention at night and then droops back down during the day!

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    1. Yes. It’s quiet, 🤭, no one will be able to build on it, 🏘 , we see and hear owls 🦉 and green woodpeckers occasionally and our cat loves pottering around the gravestones! 🐈


  2. We back on to a cemetery too, but the paupers end, hence no headstones. We love our peaceful neighbours. Like the close up of your Dahlia bud and can feel you willing it to flower.

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  3. The dahlia bud is being very tight-lipped about its colour – it would be nice if it would oblige and be yellow for you. The sedum is looking great, and I always enjoy seeing your long shots over the garden. The tree in the background looks a beauty.

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  4. It’s a very nice, and clearly well nourished, yellow tree among the headstones, but being the awkward b. that I am, I want to know what it is. None of the things that I associate with bright yellow autumn colour is that shape, except perhaps field maple.

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    1. Some wouldn’t agree but they have no taste. Hot Lips is still growing – I don’t want to cut it back yet. Meanwhile, my blue salvia is still flowering, I will probably include it tomorrow….again. Thank you for your comment.


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