Six-on-Saturday 26-09-2020

A real mixture of weather this week. Very warm last weekend which was lucky for us because we had a couple of days away in a hotel on Sunday and Monday. I think many people are snatching short breaks in place of their normal holidays. Then the last couple of nights the temperature has plummeted – easier to sleep in colder weather.

Anyway, on to this week’s Six-on-Saturday.


The Nerine in full colour. Just when summer colours are giving way to more autumnal ones, the Nerine is a lovely surprise.


The euonymous berries will soon be turning into a deep rosy pink.


I thought I had managed to capture a bee but it moved each time I took the picture. The flower is nice though.


More evidence of a false spring. I am sure these are flower buds on my camellia. The ones that appeared in the real spring, both fell off.


I couldn’t resist putting in those sweet peas again. As I walked past them, the perfume was lovely. The pelargonium plants that I plonked in the greenhouse last winter, have flowered all summer where I plonked them in the borders.


Last week, all the verbena boniarensis flowers appeared brown and finished for the season. This morning, they are all covered in fresh looking new blooms. The bees and butterflies are very happy too.

That’s it again. As Mr Propagator said, several of our grandchildren are off to various universities now………..makes me feel even older.😟Have a good weekend.

9 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 26-09-2020

  1. Cold here too, we’re expecting just 1C here tonight – I hope no frost comes with it.

    The nerine is very pretty, I love the delicate and colourful flowers. Your Euonymus is looking great too. I have buds like that on my camellia at the moment, but they’re always there during autumn, I always thought that was the time for them to start forming. Now you’ve got me thinking…

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