Six-on-Saturday 19-09-2020

I’ve noticed this week

*new leaves on my miniature kiwi fruit tree

*a tall hollyhock about to come in to flower

*lots of new buds on my favourite, fluorescent pink rose

*the sweet peas with plenty of new buds too

*the Mexican Orange blossom is blossoming

*the Cerinthe Major blooming away.

So, what season is it now?

Some very strange happenings.

On to this week’s Six-on-Saturday and see what else is happening.


The crabapple looked rather pretty in the evening sunshine yesterday.


My sister gave me 2 hydrangea offshoots a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think the first one will be successful, but the second is showing some healthy leaves.


I was looking forward to plenty of Green Tomato Chutney but it appears that the Gardener’s Delight (which didn’t delight this gardener) are suddenly ripening. They have been soft and tasteless, maybe the wrong seeds?


The Nerine is coming into flower at various stages around the garden. This one is winning.


Yet another gladiolus! They don’t really last very long, but are such tall, dramatic plants.


The sweet peas I mentioned at the start. Masses of new flowers and buds on it. I will tie it up later, it has collapsed a bit!

Where is Chapter 5, you ask? Here it is in pictures.

Exciting climax to the whole saga? There were a lot of green, inedible ones which went onto that amazing compost heap, but underneath some very large potatoes, a few of which we had with salmon, cauliflower, carrots and onion sauce yesterday. (The cat is helping to illustrate the small area – about 1.5 metres long – from which I harvested about 8 kilograms of edible potatoes. Although the ones I harvested later were larger, the local beasties had had a chance to sample them.)
I have found that I can revert to the “proper” format.
Have a good weekend. I’m going for a lie down. 🤪😖😱

21 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 19-09-2020

    1. Yes, you can put the box of tissues away now. The Gardener’s Delight have been disappointing from the first picking. I have kept a tomato from some shop bought ones that were really tasty so I will try those next year.

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  1. I have a lot of the same observations as you this week! The new leaves of the miniature kiwi, the flowers of the Mexican orange tree, new buds on my roses … and it’s soon the autumn…
    Very nice photo of the gladioli!

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  2. Gladiola have a much too short season. I fail at growing potatoes, so I don’t try anymore. Sure, they taste better than the store’s, but at least buying them is cheap.

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  3. Goodness, eight kilos of potatoes! What a wonderful harvest. I’ve missed the saga, so need to know if you grew them in the ground or in a container.

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    1. Well, a few months ago I had nothing planted in a small, clayey strip of the vegetable garden and I had 5 old, sprouting potatoes about to be thrown on the compost heap. So, I put a little compost on the patch and planted these potatoes. I earthed them up as much as possible and waited.
      Last month, I dug up where the first one was planted and was amazed to find more than 1 kg of perfect potatoes 🥔! Over the next few weeks, I dug up the rest as we needed them. So, that’s the story. Previously, I have planted seed potatoes into sacks with proper compost…..not any more!
      The simple answer to your question is, in the badly prepared ground. 🙂

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  4. Loads of good-looking fruits on your crab apple tree! I’ve had the same problems with my Gardener’s Delight tomatoes – they had no flavour at all, I was very disappointed with them. I bought them as small plants, didn’t grow them from seed. The gladiolus is a beautiful colour and looks fabulous with the grey background and the bright yellow rudbeckias.

    Thanks for the happy ending on the saga of the potatoes! I was quite concerned. 😨

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