Six-on-Saturday 12-09-2020

It seems as though we should have a few hot days this week – back to watering again. Nothing new happening in the garden just now but it still looks quite colourful.

Anyway, here are this week’s Six-on-Saturday.


The clematis climbing up the old plum tree has had a couple of week’s rest and is off again with plenty of blooms and plenty of buds. It started in the spring and hasn’t really stopped since.


I usually pull out the feverfew but this one escaped and is a nice splash of white. (The perennial geranium looks pretty behind it.)


The hydrangea is turning autumnal. The colours look more vibrant in real life.


Begonia of the week. There are some pure white ones in the troughs but this one is a soft, creamy colour.


Chapter 4 of the potato saga (with guest appearance from the raspberries). Again, I got quite excited about the quantity from one old potato. It’s a shame our younger grandchildren don’t visit now, due to the restrictions, it was lovely how they enjoyed potato gathering.

Here is a trailer from next week’s final installment.

I know, frightening 😱 isn’t it? Will there be as many edible ones underground, or will they all go onto the compost heap? Tune in to see the happy/sad finale. 🙄🤨🥱😴


That salvia Mr Propagator doesn’t reckon he gave me is such a beautiful blue. I showed it before but it hadn’t as many blooms on it.

Just sneaking in a long shot.

There may be only the one dahlia but it does “shine out” in the garden. I’m going to dig up the ones that have been trimmed by the local molluscs and start them in the greenhouse next year. I will plant them out once they are too tough to be palatable.🤞

That’s it for this week. I attempted to stake the Brussels which were blown over a couple of weeks ago but they have now fallen onto the broccoli.

Oh, well, last try next year. There are plenty of sprouts but they are as “holey” as the leaves.

Have a good weekend in your garden.

16 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 12-09-2020

  1. Mary hates feverfew and I adore it so it grows in an out of the way corner, a wildish spot, and I love to catch it as I pass so as to get the smell of the foliage on my hand.

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  2. These slightly green potatoes are of course not edible. But those below will be. To avoid having potatoes that turn green, I create a clod that I add up as the plant grows. So all the potatoes are beautiful and edible.
    I can see that your Brussels sprouts have holes in their leaves because of the caterpillars. I sincerely solved the problem by using biological control with Bacillus Thuringensis. 2 or 3 sprays for the whole season and I’m peaceful in the garden and in the greenhouse. And you can eat the fruits and vegetables the next day without risk ( and it’s cheap)

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    1. There seems to be no approval for Bacillus thuringensis for amateur use in the UK. It’s available on Amazon and eBay but would be illegal to use. What is available is therefore imported and not especially cheap. I think I’ll try it next year, small cabbage white and diamond back moth are destroying my brassicas.

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  3. I put a net over my broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower and they are miraculously free of caterpillar damage and no poisons used.
    UK gardeners always seem to be able to have clematis growing in their gardens a you’re not exception,
    Granny. Yours is lovely.

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    1. No, sorry. I bought it for £1.99 at Aldi a couple of years ago and was disappointed because it was labelled “red”. It may not be red but it is a lovely plant which goes on and on flowering.


  4. Granny, I love the long shot! You are certainly making the utmost of your space there. Like Fred, I spray all my brassicas with Bt, but I spray every 10 days. It is absolutely safe and effective. The blue salvia is just as startlingly beautiful this week!

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  5. That clematis is doing so well, anything that flowers as long as that is a great asset in the garden. I know how you feel when grandchildren can’t visit – we’re all going backwards at the moment, and I hope it can be brought under control very soon.

    Your tatties look delicious, you’ve done well with them throughout the season, we all have a few of everything that doesn’t make the grade. Waiting in anticipation for next week’s finale.

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  6. Love the long shot. It’s nice to see other people’s gardens and not just the plants, though the salvia deserves its own photo, such a pretty blue. I also like Feverfew and have it in my herb bed. The veggies are looking rather sorry for themselves – I hate to think what they’d look like in my garden! Hope you are having a lovely week. I’m a bit behind with checking out the blogs this week, soon be time for the next one 😂

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    1. Thank you. The Brussels actually have quite a few reasonable sprouts on them although they look pathetic. The Swiss chard has been really good this year. I’m not sure whether the broccoli will be anything special but we will wait and see. The gripping final chapter of the potato saga may be worth waiting for? See on Saturday. 🤔😒🙄😴😱🥔🥔🥔


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