Six-on-Saturday 05-09-2020

The garden is now runnerbeanless, almost hollyhockless and has collapsing brussels. So several of my tasks this week didn’t generate photo opportunities. Meanwhile, I will need to get out the combine harvester again to mow the lawn. Last week it had grown so much I was emptying the box every couple of minutes. This week it appears almost as long, still, the compost heap appreciates the clippings.

Here are this week’s Six-on-Saturday.


The begonia of the week. I bought them to replace the droopy cornflowers a few weeks ago and they have been/are stunning.


I know I said almost hollyhockless, this is why. It has flowered late and is only about 60cm tall but a beautiful colour. (Perennial geranium still going.😀)


I know, I know, not that rose again! I just thought it looked as though it was on its first flowering of early summer. So many buds to come.


The rudbeckia has been beside, or in the background of, other featured flowers, but it deserves to feature in its own right. It goes on for weeks and weeks.


The sedum is starting to show some colour as is the blue shrub at the front. Meanwhile, that rose has masses of buds, too.


The Potato Saga continues…….Chapters 2 and 3. We are eating them rather quickly, they are very tasty. I thought I had dug up the best of the crop from the 5 old potatoes I planted, but the next two diggings produced over 1 kilogram each – even without the slugs 😝. The ones still to be harvested are showing a few green ones on the surface. Unfortunately, they were so closely planted (me thinking they wouldn’t all oblige) that I couldn’t see under the foliage where I had earthed them up. I’m hoping there are still plenty of edible ones under the surface.

That’s it again. Have a good weekend and enjoy your garden.

12 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 05-09-2020

  1. Oh, your rudbeckia is stunning! How gorgeous! It looks completely untouched by the weather.

    Your rose does look very fresh and lovely…I could almost believe that it really is the start of summer. Such lovely colour on the begonia. Long may you continue eating the potatoes!

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  2. I have that begonia – it’s very much ‘in your face’ isn’t it? I don’t much like over vibrant colours, but it is so cheerful. And I love the Rudbeckia, what on earth do you do to it to make it flower like that? I bought one last year and it was glorious, but struggled to appear this year. Having seen this one I definitely must go out and buy another!

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    1. The rudbeckia was a clump given to me a few years ago by my brother with the warning that it was a “Thug” and had taken over his garden. I have several clumps now and do have to pull up some that try to escape from their allotted area. It likes the way I neglect it! 😬🤔😉

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