Six-on-Saturday 29-08-2020

The garden took another battering this week. The runner beans and several gladioli were horizontal on Wednesday evening but I staked them up and they seem none the worse for it. I think the beans are just about over anyway.

On we go to this week’s Six-on-Saturday.


The dahlia, probably the only dahlia this year, but it survived the winds and rain and is still rather striking.


A couple of restaked gladioli looking good behind an “about to flower” coreopsis, I think.


The Rhapsody in Blue is still going strong and producing even more buds.


The Japanese anemone looks better than usual this year. I did threaten it with a large 3 pronged fork a little while ago and it seems to have pulled its socks up. That ๐Ÿ is happy with it.


Remember that dianthus? It’s come back again after “the chop”, although I think it looks slightly paler.


The wind removed some of the begonia blooms. Looking at it more closely, it’s a really beautiful thing.

Finally, on Thursday morning I noticed the hanging basket hanging from the fig tree……then I saw why.

Out with the drill and screwdriver then.

Have a good weekend. I will see today whether the next digging of potatoes yields as much as the first.

9 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 29-08-2020

  1. Your dahlia is nothing short of marvellous. Itโ€™s a beauty. I have Rosa Rhapsody in Blue too, and I deadheaded the last of the flowers today, but see a few more buds forming. Time yet for more flowers. I have a lot of the awful black spot on my roses this year. Gulp.

    Pretty anemone – they can take time to flower. Oops, hanging baskets are not meant to flyโ€ฆ

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