Six-on-Saturday 22-08-2020

Rather a wetter few days than I expected this week. The garden is looking healthy, if rather battered, after so much heavy rain.

Anyway, a few years ago, I bought some potato sacks with some seed potatoes, I just added compost as the leaves grew upwards. Quite successful and the grandchildren enjoyed emptying them and playing “Hunt the potatoes”. The following couple of years, I did the same, buying the proper potatoes with limited success but more of a challenge for the grandchildren. THIS year, I put 5 old potatoes into the small gap between two paths in the vegetable garden (where the Brussels had been demolished by caterpillars last year)……the result is Picture 1.


Yes, but this is the bounty from ONE of the planted potatoes. Once Grannysgardenhimindoors had washed off the mud, there was over a kilogram of potatoes! 😃 Happy Granny.👩‍🌾🥔🥔🥔


The crabapple tree is laden again this year. The gales have done their best to topple it but the stakes have held it in place. (Rather blurred due to the wind this morning.)


Those Nigella may look pretty beside the Potentilla, but they do take over. I’m hoping I will have removed most of them by next week before they spread more seeds.


A different persicaria courtesy of my sister who visited this week. It’s been in the ground for a few days and hasn’t wilted yet so looking good. It does spread but is easy enough to control.


A different, wind blown penstemon. Rather a pretty colour.


The previous 4 photos are from the front garden so I thought I would show one of the back. This pink climbing rose must be on its 3rd “blooming”. The perennial sweet pea enjoys using it as a support.

It’s very hard work supervising all this gardening.

That’s another week gone by. Why does one (well, this one) get so excited when the potatoes grow so well? Just as I beat myself up when something fails.🤷‍♀️🤔 You will see more chapters in the 🥔 saga soon……you can’t wait, can you?

Have a good weekend and enjoy your garden.

PS. I’ve managed a whole post without a plant from Mr Propagator, it wasn’t easy.

12 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 22-08-2020

  1. Your pink rose is a winner, mine did have some flowers but they have taken a real battering in the wind and rain. I think your Persicaria might be Houttuynia cordata ‘Chameleon’? I used to grow it near a pond and the leaves smell quite citrusy.

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  2. I hope you enjoyed your first meal with the homegrown tatties. The pink rose is beautiful and I like the look of the yellow rose in front.

    Your final photo made me smile, I have the exact same lime green tub, the same garden bag and the same garden kneeler. My kneeler is so worn that I’ve had to tie a basic garden foam kneeler on top of the pad to save my knees. Perhaps Santa needs to treat me this Christmas. 😁

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