Six-on-Saturday 15-08-2020

It’s been either too hot or too wet to do many useful things in the garden this week, so I’m starting with a few moans.πŸ˜’ The gladioli have been beautiful……those that haven’t been pruned (by mistake) or wrecked by the torrential downpours we have had.

Meanwhile, next year, Plan C will be put into action for the broccoli and Brussels.

Plan A was ignore the lace effect, the sprouts and the purple broccoli will be fine….wrong, they weren’t last year.

Plan B was make sturdy fruit cages to cover the new plants until the leaves are mature enough to be less tasty and the plants are too tall for the cages……wrong, the caterpillars like the chewy, tougher leaves.

Plan C for 2021 is plant the broccoli and Brussels in the one fruit cage and less tasty (to the caterpillars) produce in the other. When the b and B are too tall, place the other open ended fruit cage on top of it and put the lid on! Can’t fail. πŸ™‚πŸ˜‰πŸ€”

On to this week’s Six-on-Saturday if there’s anyone still reading.


The Cornish Pixie fuchsia is quite settled between the persicaria and the revitalised dianthus. Some of the tips of the leaves of the persicaria are turning red….pretty.


Another tale of woe. I was digging out some of the mint in the herb garden next to the conservatory and there was this loud PING. I pulled out the fork and noticed one of the prongs still in the ground. It had caught under the base of the conservatory, not the stubborn mint root. I didn’t shift the building much in spite of eating a lot of spinach recently. πŸ¦Ήβ€β™€οΈ(No Popeye emoji.)


In spite of the Cabbage White’s best efforts, I can see some Brussels forming.


The aforementioned casualties this week.


The kiwi fruit plant looked very dead a couple of weeks ago but then I noticed tiny green shoots which are now big, healthy leaves. The fruits disappeared again early in the season even though I covered it with fleece every night.


Just a mixture of plants I like. You can see a nearly white penstemon at the right.

We had the usual enjoyable visit to Mr and Mrs Propagator last weekend. I was offered plants but I need to tidy before anything else is brought back.

I had a tour of the estate and all I can say to describe it is……well, there’s lush, lusher, lushest and Mr Propagator’s garden. Really healthy, varied plants, as I may have told you before.

Have a good weekend in your garden.

15 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 15-08-2020

  1. It’ll be interesting to see how that Fuchs
    ia develops. Gill in Devon has a microphylla that’s behaved. Mine grew to more than a metre tall and wide and had to come out. Fork tines are notorious for breaking off. I tend to lose one of the middle ones but, hey, you might need a new digging fork but you now have a border fork for tighter places.


  2. Here too there were torrential downpours but when I was not there.My neighbor thought I had come home because of the flooding (which I didn’t have). My kiwai also burned last week because of lack of water. I give it a chance to see new shoots like yours.


  3. You’ve had quite an eventful week! Gardening woes are sent to try us, they say that overcoming trials makes us stronger, but your strength seems to have come in the physical sense. Never mind, it’s a good reason to treat yourself to a nice new garden fork.

    That’s some serious munching on your Brussels plant – hope the sprouts survive. Two gorgeous gladioli, even if they have to be indoors. A bit like me – forced indoors this afternoon with a bad attack of hayfever.

    Happy gardening this week!

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    1. Oh dear, that must be very difficult when you want to be out gardening. I remember feeling very sorry for the teenage students with streaming eyes and noses when the rest of us were enjoying the sunshine.


  4. Given the number of amorous white butterflies in my garden lately I am only glad I am not growing any brassicas! They are quite welcome to my nasturtium leaves. Best photo? The last one. I love your happy mixture of flowers. Hope next years Plan C works! Just be careful that 2nd fruit cage doesn’t topple down on your head!

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    1. I have plenty of time to perfect my Plan C before next summer. I intend putting some long vertical posts at the corners to prevent it toppling over……until I think of a better idea. πŸ€”πŸ˜™πŸ˜‰

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  5. forking bad luck there! good excuse to buy a new one, i’d say. i’ve become a fan of gladioli in the last 15 months, i like them a lot, just wish they’d last a bit longer and stand up a bit better. nice to see you the other day, thanks for the kind review of the grand tour!

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