Six-on-Saturday 08-08-2020

Rather hot here. We are looking forward to visiting Mr and Mrs Propagator and family today. It’s Mrs P’s birthday this week so that’s our excuse this time. I’ve not done much in the garden this week apart from deadheading and watering, it needs to be weeded and generally tidied but will the soil be soft enough? Probably not.

On to this week’s Six-on-Saturday.


This salvia is such a pretty shade of blue. Guess who gave it to me a couple of years ago. 🤔


The courgettes aren’t coming in thick and fast yet but these two were quite large enough for me to use in my marrow moussaka…….much better without aubergines.

I’m afraid we had started this before I remembered to take a photo.


On the topic of produce, the Swiss Chard leaves are huge – I reckon about 45 cm long (without the stalks) by 30 cm wide. This variety cooks down and tastes just like spinach.


The rudbeckia is starting to earn its place in the garden. It is being accompanied by the perennial geranium.


Yet another gladiolus is bursting into flower, plus, the bud next to it should soon show some colour.


I mentioned that this is invading the garden en masse. I have removed hundreds of them although it is very much admired by passers by in the front garden. Now they have started to flower and remind me why I like them.

I hope you have a good weekend and can cope with the hot weather. I shall give you a report on Mr P’s garden next week.

19 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 08-08-2020

  1. I dare say there are no prizes for guessing where you got that pretty salvia.😁 It’s a very pretty blue. The marrow moussaka looks very tempting, hope you enjoyed it. I love the bright colour of the rudbeckia against the wooden fence, it really makes them stand out and the leaves on the plant in the last photo are amazing.

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  2. What IS that last plant? Looks like some kind of mallow or black eyed susan. Is it a weed? Hope you had a lovely visit with your daughter and that fabulous son-in-law. I wonder what you came home with this time 😂
    BTW the first link worked perfectly.

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    1. I think it comes into that popular category “Notacluevia”. I shall ask Jim next week. It’s not a weed, I pinched a seed head from an open garden about 10 years ago. A few have appeared in the garden every year since then, but this year it is all over the place. Maybe the compost I had spread around the garden in the spring had some seeds in it.


  3. do you know i’ve no idea what that salvia is. i don’t have any of it here. it could be that i gave you the only ones i had, or perhaps they just didn’t make it in my garden. lovely to see you both at the weekend.

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