Six-on-Saturday 01-08-2020

Into August already, goodness. I spent Tuesday morning in the river sorting the weeds on my side since we have shared responsibility with the council, called “riparian rites”, I think I mentioned it before. It is the first time I have ventured down there since we had a concrete wall put in to stop our riverbank collapsing. The brown bin was completely filled, plus, I saved a bucket full of Horse Tail to make the stew that Fred showed us last week. 😋😉

After that exciting start, I will proceed to this week’s Six-on-Saturday.


The gladioli are starting to show their true colours. I planted them 2 or 3 years ago but this year they are bigger than before and showing more buds.


The first picking. They were very nice too.


I removed the cornflowers from the troughs and replaced them with these begonias from a local garden centre. I think of them as municipal garden plants really, but they do look very nice. (Yes, he decided to get into the photo.)


Riverbank before……

……and after. I hope the other side will be done soon.


Well, I like the bog standard crocosmia. It’s much brighter than it looks here.


This dahlia should be opening soon. The others are well behind as I mentioned recently.

I understand that my link wasn’t working properly last week, we will see how it goes this time.

Have a good weekend and enjoy your garden.

14 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 01-08-2020

  1. Your Dahlia looks so healthy, no nibbles, and I envy your Lavender as I can’t grow it. I think I overcrowd it. That must have been quite a job to clear the river bank but at least you can see the result of all that hard work. Very satisfying.

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  2. Gosh I don’t envy you clearing that river bank but you did a great job, maybe I should invite you here to clear away the brambles from behind my fence 🙄 and yes, the link worked perfectly this week. Crocosmias out in force here and some have managed to find their way into one of my raised beds. I don’t mind them in the courtyard as they look quite lovely in a large clump.

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  3. Oh, you’ve been busy! Clearing the riverbank must have taken some time. I’ll bet you felt really good about the transformation.

    The gladioli and the rose are very pretty. I’ve grown gladioli for the first time this year, a dark red/maroon if I recall. They’re in a pot but not ready to flower yet – if they don’t hurry we’ll be well into autumn before they make an appearance. Some of my dahlias still have to flower too – perhaps we’ll be able to show them at the same time. 😁

    Glad you’ve managed to get the hiccups with the site sorted out! Sorry I didn’t get the time to reply to you, I had a frantically busy week with my visitors and everything else just fell by the wayside – including the garden!

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    1. I hope we are going to continue to be able to see families – the news is rather worrying. I’m glad you had a good time with yours this week. Anyway, yes, clearing the riverbank is time consuming but I do feel pleased with myself afterwards. 😇 Looking forward to seeing your dahlias soon.

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