Six-on-Saturday 14-03-2020

Oh dear, what a worrying state the world is in. At least we can still get out into the garden, so on to my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


What’s wrong with forsythia? It certainly deserves its place in this week’s post.


🎉🎊 At last!! Cutting a long story short, the second cage was so much better than the first fruit cage, I dismantled the first and used the extra replacement wood (courtesy of the roofers who removed the wood I had bought, along with their rubbish – by mistake – a couple of weeks ago) to make another one the same. I decided against slotting them in together, so they are two separate, matching cages with removable lids.

It took me over two and a half hours to stain ONE of the frames! Painting on top of chicken wire is a pain but I didn’t risk doing it before I put it all together. It will look much better than the unstained wood once it is in place near the stained raised bed fencing. I will show them in situ next week……..I bet you can’t wait. 🤭


Some of the essential equipment I used for this project.

Picture one shows a tack/staple unpicker which was invaluable for dismantling the first frame and removing the chicken wire. I acquired it when I did an upholstery course many years ago. It’s sharper than I thought. (I won’t show you a photo of my plastered finger.)

Picture two, my staple gun…….wonderful.

Picture three is a perfect right-angle (very handy for marking where to saw the wood) which used to belong to my father. His many pencil marks, plus a few of mine, are obvious at the corner.


Lots of peony shoots all around the flowerbeds……plus plenty of weeds. Now the fruit cages are done, I need to get on with sorting the rest of the garden.


That pretty flower peeks out from under the lavender, I must keep an eye on it, the other one under the dustbin hasn’t appeared this year.


We went to B and Q last weekend to buy a new “soft-close” toilet seat (how exciting can shopping get?) and Morrisons is next door. So while Grannysgardenhimindoors went in to buy as many Three-fruit-marmalade jars as he could carry – reduced from £1.49 to £1 – I noticed this clematis for £1.80! Not sure where I am going to plant it.😬

Anyway, do enjoy your weekend and keep washing your hands, it’s so important and so simple. I hope you all stay well.