Six-on-Saturday 29-02-2020

No, it’s not ready yet. It was a good week for working in the garage but I didn’t get around to finishing the other part of the fruit cage. Meanwhile, I need to take the wire mesh off the top of the completed one because it is too awkward to keep lifting the cage up to gain access to the plants inside. I will make a removable lid for it……soon.

Due to the weather and rather a soft, wet lawn, I have done most of my Six-on-Saturday in the greenhouse, well, the last three are.


The helibores provide the colour this week. The bed needs tidying but there is water lying on it and my feet were squelching as I walked across the lawn.


I took a few cuttings from my begonia many weeks ago. All three have roots on them and a couple have tiny new leaves on the base of the stem. I haven’t seen that before.


Lots of new buds on my crabapple tree. (Again, see the water in the moat around the flowerbed.)


Aliums, aliums everywhere in the greenhouse. I will plant them out soon – when I can safely walk on the grass.


Broad beans and Brussels showing through. I planted them a couple of weeks ago. Still waiting for the broccoli to show.


Hundreds of purple poppies have germinated. Mr Propagator gave them to me several months ago. They should look good later in the year.

The sun is shining at the moment, so I will rush out before……….oh dear, too late, it’s gone again.

Oh well, I hope you manage to have some time in your gardens this weekend. I will enjoy reading your posts, as always.

17 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 29-02-2020

  1. Your Hellebores are lovely in your border – and I love that image of the Begonia cutting! You’ve captured so much detail and richness of colour.

    As for your Alliums – they’re so much more advanced than mine – I’ll have to go and have a word with them, they’re just not doing well enough. 😁

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  2. That begonia is full of promise! So many roots…
    I’m going to check my garden tomorrow (I’m at Athens airport right now) and will confirm that the (very) bad weather that there has been in France, has not help to grow my plants too much.

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  3. Yes my greenhouse is cluttered with alliums too. I managed to plant out 60 today but still have double that to plant, ish. I grew some begonia from seed last year, no sign yet of them growing back this year..hope they do…

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  4. Alliums go straight into my garden, but then I don’t have the amount of water to contend with. Will you plant the poppies in clumps? I can’t imagine trying to separate them. I usually throw the seeds around the garden and hope for the best – which is probably why I don’t have a lot of success with them!

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  5. I eavesdropped on a convo btwn Mr P & another gardener about slotting the potted allium into empty spots in the garden once things are a bit further along, but don’t know if that’s his reasoning. On the other hand, the wet we’ve had could cause problems for lots of bulbs. Those begonia w/the little leaf on the end, will you cut those to make 2 plants or discard the leaf or plant the middle & leave the 2 ends out? How amazing are they, eh? And to show where my head usually is, are your plant markers sticks from ice cream? I toss mine into the composter, but here I could be using them as markers.

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    1. I have simply planted them in a pot, little leaves under the soil. Meanwhile, those are mini magnum sticks…..collected over many months, I hasten to add! Thank you for your comments as always, Lora.

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      1. It’ll be interesting to see what the little begonia leaves do – absorb or resurrect. Since Saturday, I’ve started saving my mini Magnum sticks, following your good example. Only one so far, but that’s soon to change.

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