Six-on-Saturday 07-12-2019

Another quick Six-on-Saturday. Hope all is well and we manage to get out into the garden, so much needs to be tidied.

Here we go again.


A couple of pretty pelargoniums. They should be safe in the greenhouse until we get some very cold nights.


The penstemons are still providing some colour with plenty of forget-me-nots getting ready for spring!


Another use for some of those apples that were not as tasty as last year, Apple Crumble muffins…… this was the last one!


The rubber plant cutting is going well in the conservatory. It is a couple of years since I simply stuck half a dozen twigs from a plant that was rotting from the inside of the main “trunk”into a jam jar of water on the kitchen windowsill. Two rooted and are thriving, slowly. (Notice the tooth marks courtesy of the resident 🐈. Certainly not mine, nor Granny’sGardenHimIndoors’.)


I admired a friend’s Money Plant which was coming into flower recently, then checked mine at home and noticed that it too is about to flower.


The Jasmine plant against the house wall at the front keeps growing then being cut back when it gets too scruffy. There are a few fragrant flowers every so often, but not that many. Never mind, it covers a corner of the wall.

Have a good weekend and keep warm.