Six-on-Saturday 30-11-2019

Rather a late, quick Six-on-Saturday today. Thank goodness the rain has eased and some 🌞 is back.

Here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


The last hanging basket showing its last zonal pelargonium. It is against the wall of the house so may escape frost damage a few more times, if I am lucky.


The plant pot my kind brother gave me back in June is still quite colourful. I just plonked it in the greenhouse and so far, so good. I intended to separate the fuchsia and the variegated succulent into pots to have as house plants….. still to be done!


The herb garden is still quite productive, apart from the mint which has leaves but I find it loses its flavour in the winter.


Will it flower before the frost kills the bud?…..we shall see.


The potentilla I thought was dead certainly flowered in the summer but had rather too many brown twigs in amongst the healthier growth. I have done the usual drastic pruning to see what happens. All around it, the nigella seedlings are doing well. I pulled them all up, of course, earlier in the season


I am a little concerned about the new azalea, should it be dropping leaves like this? Again, we shall see what happens.

Well, that’s it for another week. I hope you are managing to get out into your garden now.

Have a good weekend.

10 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 30-11-2019

  1. I also trimmed my potentilla because there was dead wood underneath. We will see.
    For the azalea, if it’s a deciduous plant, it’s normal, otherwise it’s worrying because of the yellow leaves betraying a chlorosis… Adding ericaceous soil would be a good idea to acidify the soil. Maybe Jim will tell you more because he is very familiar with ericaceous plants.

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  2. Such an intense blue in the lobelia in your pink pot! Good luck with the azalea, I hope it survives. I don’t have any azaleas, so have no good advice to offer!

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  3. It’s an evergreen Azalea so won’t go bare but some varieties lose a lot of their older leaves. I have one that looks much like yours and another that is lush green. It may also have been stressed by the dry weather I think I remember us having some months back, it’s a young plant and won’t have an extensive root system so it will have been vulnerable to drying out, and now it’s probably wetter than it really wants to be. It wants to be planted with the top of the roots at or slightly above soil level too, they don’t like to be planted deep. It’ll be fine.

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  4. I’m another one impressed by the blue & pink of your brother’s gift basket. The pellie still blooming really surprised me – what a boon at this time of year! Hope the azalea pulls itself together. Point your finger at it & give it a stern look.


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