Six-on-Saturday 17-11-2019

Another challenge to find another Six! Anyway, I hope you have not been affected too much by the floods. Every exit from our town has several stretches where the water is covering the road from side to side. We have been very lucky though where we are.

On to this week’s Six-on-Saturday, I am trying to re-post this… will it solve the problem?


That standard hydrangea is showing all sorts of different colours still!


I pull up ALL the nigella, forget-me-nots and perennial geraniums every year, as you can tell…………… not entirely successfully!


My euonymous looked much happier last month (the first picture). I know the light was better but it still seems rather sad now.


The little troughs beside the garage are managing to provide some colour. I threatened them that they would be replaced with winter pansies soon and they perked up amazingly quickly!


The first picture shows the beginnings of the purple sprouting broccoli, I think,. The second confirms that we should have several helpings of Brussels in spite of the best efforts of the butterflies and caterpillars! (Sorry Lora… again!)


Yes, it’s still blooming and there are more buds there!! The accompanying rudbeckia behind has given up but my hollyhock carries on regardless.

Meanwhile, The Cats Protection League had been asked to collect a “stray” cat which had been sheltering under a hedge in a nearby elderly lady’s garden recently. Coincidentally, when we took our 🐈for his annual checkup recently, we couldn’t understand why he had put on weight when he was hardly eating any of his Tesco’s Value dried food… turned out that he had been enjoying Felix’s Luxury meat pouches up the road! Not any more, the Cats Protection League representative told the lady NOT to feed him and to shoo him away! Poor thing!

Who?….. me?

Have a good weekend. We are going to visit Mr Propagator and his lovely wife and family on Sunday. I will do my usual report on his garden next Saturday.