Six-on-Saturday 28-09-2019

This weekend our other twin grandson is being delivered to a northern university – the complete opposite to where his brother is! Big steps for young adults so I hope they enjoy themselves, even though it will be a bit colder than Dubai!!

Back to the garden. I haven’t done much this week due to a heavy cold (but I don’t catch colds!) I know it can’t be compared to the dreaded Man Flu, but it was enough to keep me inside feeling sorry for myself. šŸ¤’šŸ˜”

Here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


Next week these should all be in one photo! I have bought a nice looking Crabapple tree, plus an azalea because Granny’sGardenHimIndoors liked it. They like slightly different soil conditions but I think they should be fine if I surround their roots with each preferred medium. I had tidied the edges of the flowerbed but the torrential rain rather spoiled them. However, they can be sorted. (I couldn’t dig up all those perennial geraniums, could I?)


The nerines are coming out in several places around the garden. The Japanese anemone does well in this part of the garden.


Penstemon of the week. I had cut this right back in the spring and look at it now! There are plenty of flowers to come still.


The climbing rose is going on and on – I think the neighbours have the best view. I am going to try to prune it so that I get some blooms further down the branches. (See the hollyhock, still blooming!)


They might look pathetic but we have had plenty of servings from the few that actually grew……and there are plenty to come.


Aaah…. sweet! A tiny snail from the apples I picked for the apple cake, although we eat it with custard or ice cream for pudding – the apple cake, not the šŸŒ! It is now happily munching away on the compost heap – the šŸŒ, that is. I will be cursing it in a couple of months, I know.

The Apple Cake – a plain sponge with lots of chopped apples, sugar and cinnamon on top.

Well, that’s it. I hope to get out in the garden more this week. Enjoy your weekend.

8 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 28-09-2019

  1. This apple cake looks tasty! Thursday I made a cake courgette, cardamom, ginger : a success! (In addition, there is always too much courgettes to eat at this time of the year so it changes …
    Nice bunch of penstemons!

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  2. Your rose flowers where my rose does – at the top of the fence. I am going to be brutal this year. If they don’t grow then I shall replace them with another clematis or two. Penstemons do seem to keep on flowering and yours is huge! The crab apple looks lovely, hope to see it covered in blossom in the spring. And the birds will love the fruit. Enjoy the cake – don’t suppose there is any left now?

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  3. No sign of my nerines at all! My beans were done a week or two ago, not great this year, probably lack of water, I wasnt very diligent during the hot spells.
    The crabapple will be lovely, I almost bought one of those.

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