Six-on-Saturday 10-08-2019

This week the heavy rain has made weeding slightly easier – fortunately, because they are taking over the flowerbeds and smothering some of the plants. I have been staking the gladioli, a bit too late for one of them. ( I may have published this bit too early by mistake, but I think I have stopped it successfully and started again!)

and the next one…

Most of my time was taken with the compost heap yesterday, so that’s where I will start.


THE compost container emptied, re-lined and ready for the paper, twigs, grass cuttings and vegetable peelings, not to mention the occasional corpse, courtesy of our resident cat.

Who? Me?


A much tidier flowerbed than last week. I removed two tubtrugs full of dead-heads, weeds and several self-seeded mini Gauras. I emptied a barrowload of well rotted compost around the remaining plants. I know there is room for more plants now but that can result in some overpowering others. (Notice that lovely one with triangular leaves on the left. Another present from Mr Propagator.)


Beans appearing but not enough for a meal yet.


Today’s harvest. Can you spot the fig?

The spring onions have been good but have grown rather large so I will use them as ordinary onions, I think.


This gladiolus was beautiful last year and has done well again this year.


I’m not sure what has happened to the beautiful Peace rose. Several of the roses have lost most of their leaves but have healthy buds coming on. I am tempted to cut them back but I am not sure what effect this would have at this time of year.

The forecast is for rather wild weather this weekend so keep warm and dry and enjoy looking at the garden from indoors?

14 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 10-08-2019

  1. Nice persicaria (Jon’s gift on picture 2)! It seems to like this bed.
    Not a good year for figs here. I hope to get a dozen for a tart if the birds have not had a feast with them. I’ll see that in a few hours when I’m home.


  2. It’s so satisfying tidying a flower bed and then mulching it. Every time I see that Persicaria I covet it.
    Where do you get your cane toppers? I bought some at a Christmas Craft Fayre last year but Haven’t managed to find anything similar since

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    1. I bought the “pointy” toppers from a garden centre near Worcester and my daughter-in-law bought me several terracotta painted ones but I don’t know where from, I’m afraid. I need more myself now!


  3. A great looking bounty there, particularly the tomatoes. I’ve had a few bald roses this year – not sure why. Those gladioli are lovely. Most of mine (planted this year) don’t appear to have buds apart from one plant that I noticed today.

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    1. Yes, I do still use the onions in a potato salad but I don’t want them to go off before I use them all since I had to dig them out so that I could start refilling the raised vegetable bed. We are lucky with the rhubarb, it will be going for a couple of months yet.

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  4. Maybe my rhubarb will put up a few fresh leaves now its had some real rain, it stopped growing ages ago. Raspberries a dead loss this year too. I still had beans this morning but the wind is only just dying down now. I’ve resisted that Persicaria up till now but it’ll come home with me if I see a good one somewhere.

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  5. Your tomatoes look so shiny and healthy. I bet they taste superb. I have given up growing tomatoes because of the dreaded Queensland fruit fly and I’ve turned my tomato bed into a cutting patch for flowers.

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  6. I absolutely adore your cat, murderous inclinations included. Your glads are gorgeous, especially the purple one. Think I may have #2 growing vertically in my garden because I stepped on it when it was young. Should vase it up, as you have. Love glads in the house. You’ve got a nice veg haul, but as you say of the beans, it does seem as if some of us are having delayed harvests this year. Those berries look so scrumptious. And the circular garden is very tidy indeed!

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    1. Thank you, Lora. There have been quite a few disappointments in the garden but, generally, the successes have outweighed them! I am still optimistic about the broccoli and the Brussels – I may have a few meals from them. Meanwhile, I should get on with making the fruit cages for the raised vegetable bed to keep the butterflies off the brassicas. Thanks again for your comments.

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