Six-on-Saturday 27-07-2019

I’ve just crossed the first job for today off the list – no need to water the garden this morning.

I thought I would pick the surviving kale plant this week since it looked really good…….. from a distance. Closer inspection revealed a mass of lacework with several happy caterpillars and their blackfly accomplices! (I know the blackfly don’t eat the plants but they don’t make them seem any more appetising.)

Time to take a good look around the garden and decide what works and what doesn’t.

*Broccoli looks awful but usually comes back. √

* Brussels are not as popular with the caterpillars and did well.√

* Broad beans a disaster this year but will try growing them overwinter – some suggest the blackfly are less likely to attack those that are started early…. Last chance next season….?

*Strawberries have had no slugs and no blackbirds attacking them due to the fruit cage but hardly any flowers and hence, hardly any fruit!…?

*Garlic….great! √

*Rhubarb…. great! √

*Raspberries…. great√

So, I am going to top up the raised bed, try some different vegetables and plant more garlic.

Back to Six-on-Saturday for this week.


Crocosmia. Should go on for a while. I don’t remember putting it there but it’s been around for a few years and is a nice bright colour.


The dead plum tree is providing support for some sweet peas and the clematis I featured before. A delphinium is peeping round the back, that rose at the front is going on and on and Mr Propagator’s loosestrife is trying to get into the picture!

3) Before…

and after….

My new mower copes better with the clover than last year’s.

(Doesn’t this remind you of the shampoo/toothpaste/face cream adverts where the “before” shows a sad, slumped person in poor light, whereas the “after” shows a smiling, upright person in lovely sunshine?) In this case, I have removed the washing, the wheelbarrow and dead poppy stalks as well as mowed the lawn! I don’t know where the sunshine is though.


The first gladiolus showing colour and isn’t it beautiful!! Several that I planted last year were pathetic but the same “several” seem to be quite promising, with plenty of buds.


Another of my completely “dead” plants. The top of this Acer had no buds and broke off, as you can see. I was going to dig it out but, guess what! I will tidy around the plant and see what happens! (The blue chippings are in the new front garden nextdoor.)

What wild weather we had this week! I hope your gardens survived. Luckily, we were fine. Anyway, two more grandchildren arrive this evening for a few days, so we had better get organised.

Have a good weekend in the garden..

13 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 27-07-2019

  1. I love the before / after pictures. On the other hand your lawnmower would be useful here because clover reigns! Especially because of the heatwave that saw this one grow and the lawn turn yellow ….
    Like you my cabbages are not very beautiful and the caterpillars devour them.
    As for strawberries, I have a second flush because I put a handful of strawberry fertilizer + watering and it seems to please them.

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  2. More flowering gladioli! Maybe mine will flower next year. Nice to see a wide shot of the garden. It looks lovely.


  3. That acer looks like it wants to be a climber. Great colour – bet you’re glad it’s trying to survive. That glad is stunning in colour. Was it one of last year’s duds or are they different colours? Hope you show us that when it opens (slip it in as a PS if you already have 6 next week). Your verbena next to it is so well behaved. Mine have all become thugs. Do you do something to tame them down a bit? Maybe some of that shampoo from the before & after shots?

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    1. Yes, the gladiolus was a dud last year – I’ll definitely put it in again. (I think Mr P has given up counting photos, or is too polite to criticise!!) I do tie the verbenas to the fence to keep them under control. Thank you, Lora.

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