Six-on-Saturday 01-06-2019

We had a lovely day at Mr and Mrs P’s house yesterday and here are the gifts I have brought back.

Two Dianthus, two foliage plants (Mr P did tell me the name but I need to look it up to check) and two kale plants.

As always, we were well fed, watered and entertained. The garden is looking very lush, especially the foxgloves and black stockings…….NO, nothing to do with his wardrobe! (Bet you saw that coming!!)

Meanwhile, back in my garden the forget-me-nots are just about over but the roses have not started yet so there is not a lot of colour.

Here is my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


The nigella is an absolute pain – it appears everywhere, but is very pretty so I will just pull up the ones in the wrong place. The heuchera at the back turns up each season since we moved in 18 years ago, the Euonymous gets bigger and bigger and the potentilla, which I thought was on its way out, can just be seen on the left.


The sweet peas may not be that impressive but they have doubled in height since I put them in a couple of weeks ago.


The white foxgloves are in but may not flower this year. I put the seeds in the greenhouse last August and they germinated quickly but seemed to just stop for several months. I will look after them over winter and look forward to giant blooms next year!


I could only bear being in the very warm greenhouse for a couple of minutes a few days ago but our little cat slept very happily in there for at least 2 hours! Then did the same the next day. (The grass at the back is part of the attraction for him, apparently good to chew on.)


This poppy comes up each year. It seems to be a perennial one rather than self-seeded because it stays in the same place. It is often admired by passers-by and the seed pods have be given to many of them.


May I present to you…….🎆🎇🎺📣 (fireworks and fanfare!!)…the first fruit cage!! 😁😱 Admittedly, it took a whole afternoon, then I finished it off the next morning because I needed time to think how to wrap the wire mesh around it. I thought about using “hospital corners” for folding it at the ends, but decided to cut out the overlap and staple the ends to the frame. I know it looks quite simple and can’t compete with my Mark 1 original compost container, but the mesh was quite awkward to manoeuvre and the frame, while solid enough, needed to withstand me pressing down with my staple gun. I don’t want to use plastic or string mesh because I know birds can get their legs caught leading to a nasty injury or worse. Now I need to design another portable one, or two, to go over the broccoli plants.

I was talking about insect spray to Mr P yesterday and mentioned that I had found a “recipe” for a garlic*, mint and cayenne pepper homemade spray on the internet. Apparently, the smell discourages the insects and saves the plants! I don’t think I would fancy that smell either!

Anyway, that’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend in the garden.

*I won’t use the homegrown garlic, of course!

11 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 01-06-2019

  1. Ooh I love Nigella. Like you our nextdoor neighbour has too much of it and we have none. I need to ask her for some but don’t know how well it would transplant. Is your new foliage plant Persicaria?


  2. Yes, thank you. It is the runcinata strain, I have just looked up Persicaria and recognised the photo. Mr P did tell me but I didn’t listen carefully enough! I couldn’t grow Nigella where we used to live….. but I can here!


  3. I’m trying my hand at nigella for the first time this year and the buds are large, but I’ve yet to decide on a location to transplant. I guess you’re warning me that they will spread?


  4. Oh I love nigella or ‘love in a mist’ and I’ve sown lots from seeds this year to fill in some gaps! I’ve also made a net cage for my strawberries this weekend too and added some new mulch I found at the garden centre called Strulch which is awesome! Happy gardening.

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    1. I wonder about Strulch. I used it as a mulch on my bee and butterfly bed this last winter and lost two penstemons, a chocolate cosmos and a monarda plant. All new plants and in good compost. Maybe I laid it too thick and because it is wet here the roots rotted.

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  5. The nigella is an absolute beauty!! Gertrude Jekyll I guess? Such a wonderful shade of blue. I tried growing some white ones last year but I wasn’t very successful. I think my beds are too overgrown now. Time to start thinning stuff out! I don’t know about this gardening lark – you spend months and years planting stuff and then months and years cutting it all back! I do have a very fragrant waste bin though! (Fennel, Marjoram and Rosemary). 😅

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  6. That’s a fantastic photo of the nigella – you can see all its little bits! You fruit cage is wonderful & I do have to say, your cat has a very striking face, plus those eyes . . . quite an exotic creature.

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