Six-on-Saturday 24-05-2019

Last Sunday we had a good downpour (good for the garden, that is). Unfortunately, our neighbour was having a birthday party and I had hung my washing out! Never mind, neither was spoiled.

There is so much going on in the garden and a lot to plant out so time for Six-on-Saturday.


The geum here wasn’t doing as well as the others before, but is looking good this year. In theory, these colours clash but not in the garden, in my opinion. The Tamarisk takes weeks to get to full flower then within a couple of days, the blossom starts going brown and it will be at least a month before the green leaves are fully out.


The delphiniums are all planted out now. I know I am rather behind but I delayed planting and sowing seeds because we were away in March and they would need too much looking after. (I think the eggshells are keeping the slugs away. The delphinium I forgot to put eggshells around was demolished. It was in another part of the garden so maybe the slug had had enough to eat and didn’t bother looking for the others, or maybe they worked.)


These poppies self seed around the garden, usually in the wrong place! Quite pretty though.


I don’t remember putting in this foxglove! It is squashed behind another poppy but is coming on nicely.


I was concerned that a few garlics looked as though they were going to bolt. I decided to pull a few up and I am really quite happy with them – only another 27 still growing! This is the first time I have grown garlic, I think.


If you read my post a couple of weeks ago, you may remember this clematis was due a good talking to because it was avoiding the trellis…… would appear that it worked!

That’s it for another week. Hope you workers enjoy your good, long weekend.

8 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 24-05-2019

  1. Here, geums are lovely because I have lots of flowers without stop. As for poppies, they are always where they should not … but we love them. Nice clematis recovery ( and redirection !)

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  2. Our garlic is looking a little ropey leaf wise. I hope the garlic bulbs look as good as yours do. Good luck with the delphiniums. We’re on the look out for a purely blue one but can’t find any.

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  3. Glad the Clematis listened to you Granny. My gems are doing well as well apart from the one I put behind a rose bush for some reason. On the plus side it is still producing flowers and it has billed out no end so should be able to spit it…

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  4. Your poppies are gorgeous, love that vibrant red! I just bought seeds for poppies but I think I will have to wait till next year to give them a try. I love seeing what their potential is, yours look super strong and healthy!

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  5. Glad your clematis decided to get on track. it’ll be happier for the support, since it doesn’t appear to be close to the laundry pole. I love the colours in the first photo – the berberis (is it?) is a good transition btwn the tamarisk & geum. And if folk don’t like the combo, they can look elsewhere. The poppies, for instance.

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  6. Your garlic looks good, I am resisting temptation to lift some. Last year i should have left them, they were a bit small. I just potted on my delphinium, not quite ready to plant out yet. 5 from the main sowing (poor germination), and 3 from the mystery seeds, now identified.

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