Six-on-Saturday 18-05-2019

After the delight of the builders last week, rather a different story this week. I was using the patio brush to clear the gaps between the paving stones thinking it was time we bought a small pressure washer, to clean the build-up of dirt on them, when a young man appeared at the front door asking whether we wanted our drive and patio cleaned. I don’t usually buy from/give work to door-to-door salesmen but this seemed a good idea!

We thought it would save time, effort and money…….. wrong, wrong and wrong! They took nearly 3 hours, much of it they spent cleaning the driveway, walls and windows of next door due to mud and sand being plastered over them! Then, rather than saving effort, it will take a long time to get rid of the wet sand all over the walls, windows and, worst of all my lovely plants, especially the Sedums. (How would you clean wet sand off your Sedums, S,D and H?) Also, we could have bought a small pressure washer and had some change!

I washed the patio table and chairs then Granny’sGardenHimIndoors cleaned them again because they had dried with a layer of sand still on them, then I scrubbed them again to get the remaining sand and dirt off! Hey-ho, we live and learn and I won’t moan any more……. but one or two of the photos are quite sad.

Here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


This is the area between the garage and greenhouse. I have the potato sacks there each year but find it awkward manoeuvring myself around the water barrel because, where you can see the small leftover tiles, there was a 20 cm drop. I filled the gap with rubble, then gravel then soil and sand then placed the tiles on top. It may not be beautiful but I am very pleased with it – it makes a big difference for walking around the barrel and all I used was stuff just stacked behind the garden shed.


Poor, perennial geranium! I’ll say no more.


This is the other side of the garden. Similar to my last week’s photo but I noticed the white perennial geraniums. Rather pretty.


Last year I moaned about this not being a red clematis, as labelled, but when I looked at it a couple of days ago, it was a beautiful reddish, purple! Slightly speckled with dirt now. I am trying to grow it up the plum tree “skeleton”. (The stones at the back are from under the panels from next door. I haven’t managed to clear all of them yet.)


I have planted the sweet peas around the lovely obelisk that Mrs P gave me last year. I used seeds then which came to nothing, so I am hoping for better results this year. The salvia front left of the photo was given to me by Mr P last year – it’s looking good. Sadly the other one didn’t survive but I can split this later in the season.


Most of the aquilegias in the back garden are a deep purple colour, but these in the front garden are mostly this pretty pink.

That’s it again apart from last night’s tea. As you know, Friday night is Curry night and I used some of the remaining broccoli leaves in the chicken curry and parsley and mint in the mushroom and celery curry. I needed to wash the parsley and mint many times to remove the dirt! I don’t normally make this combination but since I had mushrooms and celery in the fridge, all I needed to do was Google “Mushroom and celery curry” and choose which one I wanted….. amazing!

(I know the colours are not that appetising, but mushrooms tend to make the dish rather grey.)

17 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 18-05-2019

  1. What a lovely looking Aquilegia Granny. That Geranium does look a bit sorry for it. Be careful with people knocking on your door Granny. I was chatting to a workmate over lunch in Stirling on Thursday. His Granny got charged £600 for a group of travellers to put tape over a hole in her gutter.

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  2. Your bonnets are lovely and rather unusual. Must look the variety up. You live and learn. Tho even if you carefully use a pressure washer you will get some muck spraying itself around. If you now decide to get your own, look for one with a patio attachment or buy the attachment as an extra (Karcher call them T-Racers). Worth every extra penny when cleaning patios/paths/driveways as the spraying muck is contained.

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  3. The tiled path next to the water butt looks very neat. Lovely pink aquilegia. I will take heed of your experience with the door to door people (though the weird coincidence of thinking about the task and a knock on the door by someone offering to do that task – I’d probably have gone for it too!)

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  4. Contrary to what you think, your dish looks very appetizing …! Too bad I live far away, I would have invited.
    About the sand, the rain should wash everything and for the sedums, maybe shelter them if possible, dry and use an air compressor? or a bike pump?

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    1. Thank you, Fred, I have used broccoli leaves as a spinach substitute in curries a few times. You would be very welcome to try my curry but, as you say, it’s a bit far to pop in for a meal! I like the idea of a bike pump for gently removing the sand and dirt.

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  5. Thank you! That was really nice to hear and made my little Sunday morning!

    I DO love this SOS, it is too cute and I love being able to see every thing springing to life!


  6. Your poor little sandy flowers! Uhg, what a frustrating thing to happen. Do you have a light shower nozzle for your hose? You could maybe remove it all that way? Or wait for it all to dry and give her a good gently shake?

    Your garden looks beautiful though! The pavers look great and good luck with the peas this year!

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    1. Well, you may be 40andfeelinit but you certainly aren’t 40andlookinit….. I’m sure I won’t be the first or last to say that! Thank you for your comments, I can only blame myself and have come out of my sulk now. Meanwhile, I am gradually tidying/cleaning round the garden. Just a warning, once you start this Six-on-Saturday, you won’t be able to stop….. it’s actually addictive. 🤔😧😉

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  7. Ah interesting, that salvia. I’ve got several of those in places where I thought I planted salvia. But they dont look very salvia to me, normally have thinner sage like leaves. I’m beginning to think they might not be salvia at all. No idea what though. I definitely had salvia in those places last year. Maybe they are, just a different variety. We shall soon see!

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    1. I’m pretty sure it’s a salvia with electric blue flowers. Meanwhile, we had a deluge of rain on Sunday afternoon – excellent, except it was our neighbour’s birthday party and I had hung a load of washing out! However, a lot, but by no means all, of the sand and dirt was washed off the plants. Weeding yesterday was almost easy, as far as it can be in clay soil!


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