Six-on-Saturday 27-04-2019

Again, a bit rushed this week. There is lots to see and say but also so much to do!

The rain was very welcome but suddenly masses of horse tail has appeared whereas I thought it was going away. Never mind, it just needs to be pulled up as much as possible, rarely with much root though.

I was going to feature all the flowers in the lawn this week but there is too much else growing so I will get started.


My two little troughs of Sedums are still perfect for the purpose. They need little attention and are changing colour subtly. I thought the tips of the leaves on the right hand lower one were drying up or going brown, but, on closer inspection, they are a purple colour. Perhaps “Sedums, dahlias and hayfever” can tell me whether I need to feed them and will Blood, fish and bonemeal be all right?


The first picking of rhubarb!!! Yesterday, I decided to just have it with yoghurt rather than make a crumble – well, Friday night is Curry night and I had made rather a lot of curries so didn’t want a heavy pudding. We nearly didn’t have any pudding because I let the rhubarb cook a little too long but rescued it in time! The early rhubarb does cook very quickly.


This trough hasn’t shown any buds, just long, thin leaves. Then suddenly this week these little narcissus flowers appeared all at once. Quite pretty but very small flowers on disproportionately long stems.


Again, I am taken by surprise. The Solomon’s Seal were small shoots last week – look at them now! If the Solomon Seal caterpillars don’t get at them, they turn a pretty, pale orange colour in late summer.


Oh dear.😥 Granny’sGardenHimIndoors and I have enjoyed several portions of the purple sprouting broccoli and were anticipating several more but this was the sight that greeted me this week. Something has really got at them! I have bought some chicken wire and intend to make some portable, small “fruit cages” to try to stop butterflies and pigeons. Whether this is a result of either of them, I don’t know. I must have a go and get started.


The apple trees last week and this week. I wish I had taken a photo yesterday before the wind blew away much of the beautiful blossom. I know they are not as heavily covered as the ornamental, blossom trees, but the promise of what is to come in the autumn makes them even more attractive to me.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend in spite of the weather not looking too promising.

(By the way, all the 🌷 in the pots and tubs are completely over! They were good while they lasted but seem to be well ahead of Mr P and, I have to admit, not as varied or plentiful.)

21 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 27-04-2019

  1. Crikey, the purple sprouting broccoli really has been attacked hasn’t it? How annoying. Love the blossom of the apple trees. Very nice indeed. I need to suggest a regular curry night.

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  2. I like your stone trough for sedums. As I already told Paul who also has one, I’m always looking for this kind of cheap trough here … Bad luck for broccoli, a cage against butterflies should limit the damage of the next that you will plant. I also read that they had to be planted next to the onions because the smell of broccoli and onions was pushing butterflies away from each other: an intelligent combination.

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    1. Interesting. There are garlic plants about a metre away from the broccoli but maybe it has to be actual onions placed closer. By the way, I hope my troughs weren’t cheap….. they were a present from my husband!!

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  3. Your sedum look wonderful. You can tell by the look of them, those stone troughs cost a pretty penny. 😉 Your poor broccoli . . . I wouldn’t’ve believed there’d be bugs enough this time of year to do that much damage, but it does look like some type of insect had at least a partial hand in that. Will these produce more after you cover them or are they done for the year?

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    1. I grow them from seed each year and, usually they are very successful. We have had plenty of portions but there should have been plenty more! Yes, I think the troughs are top of the range!! Thank you, Lora.

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    1. I brought a little from our previous house where it was wrecked each year by those little grey caterpillars! They are not as hungry here but I still have to watch for them.


  4. The Solomon’s Seal look very nice. A good woodland border plant. My rhubarb has only just got started, I think it must be a very late variety, but I look forward to stewed rhubarb with ginger and orange along with Greek yoghurt for breakfast. As for the broccoli it looks like a lot of hungry caterpillars have been at it! And like you, most of my tulips are over – what was left is now being shredded by Hannah! But they began flowering in March so I have had a good five weeks of tulips.

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  5. My Solomon’s Seals have never turned orange in autumn even when I’ve been diligent enough to keep the sawfly from destroying them. What surprised me was how much more they spread when I started to kill the caterpillars regularly.

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  6. I have realised that it’s way too easy to get hooked on succulents. Paul (S, D and H) has a lot to answer for! Crikey! Your broccoli has been murdered! Which reminds me to remind you to check that your fleece is good, ready to be chucked over the runner beans….

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