Six-on-Saturday 23-03-2019

We have been away for several days in sunnier climes. Guess where!

This was the view from the café where my lovely daughter and I had a well earned cappuccino and shared a delicious French Toast last week after a 4k run. I hesitate to show you my time after #1son-in-law’s impressive Half marathon last Sunday!

We had a good time with the family in Dubai but I had taken a store of photos with me from my garden so that I didn’t miss my Six-on-Saturday! There are not that many plants in the garden of the house our daughter moved into recently.

When we arrived home, there were many new flowers, shoots and buds showing. Here is a selection of them in my Six-on-Saturday.


The forsythia is looking lovely! I seem to have just about mastered pruning to get the best results for the next year. I can send a cutting to you, Mr Propagator, if you would like…….Oh, does that mean that you want 2? Perhaps not.


The climbing rose needed pruning and training. I asked several weeks ago for advice and thanks to John K and Google, I have made a start. I haven’t secured the right hand branches properly because, in a couple of weeks, we are having some of the fence posts straightened and that panel may have to be lifted, but the panel on the left shouldn’t need to be touched.


Here come the 🌷 🌷!! I can’t remember the exact colours I bought from Morrisons, but I thought they were supposed to be purple and white mixture – at the moment, I have maroon and pale yellow! In the foreground, the magnolia stellata is beginning to bloom.


Rhubarb is looking good! There are several clumps around the flowerbeds but I’m not expecting to make a crumble for Granny’sGardenHimIndoors (his favourite) until late April!


Love them or hate them, the forget-me-nots that escaped my drastic, autumnal cull are beginning to show some colour. Well I like them.


Garden implement of the week.

This mini trowel is very useful. I have weeded the small border which goes around the greenhouse. It has stonecrop in it and a proper trowel is too clumsy. (Has anyone noticed the SWEET PEAS!! The key to success is go away for a few days and ask your neighbour to water the greenhouse seeds!!………also, buy new seeds and throw away the old ones.)

Have a good weekend.. I don’t think it should be too wet but may be cooler.

11 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 23-03-2019

  1. Great work on the climbing rose. Most of my my climbing roses refuse to develop multiple stems from the base. I’d keep the son-in-law away from your Forsythia!

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  2. The rose looks good, as does the Forsythia. So far, not a single forget me not here. My victory may, though, be short-lived – I looked into next door’s garden the other day! If you’re offering SiL1 cuttings, you need to remember that he doesn’t start counting until you reach double figures!

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  3. You know it, but don’t let Jonathan dig up your forsythia … He tends to cut them down right now … Good job, your climbing rose. What color? I don’t remember if you had shown it blooming last summer.
    I don’t know Dubai but this view is interesting and it changes! (with skyscrapers in the background that we usually see first)

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  4. I 💖 rhubarb, but mine is late growing so I shall have to buy the supermarket stuff when I see it. Stewed with ginger and orange and served with Greek yoghurt is my favourite breakfast. Your rose pruning looks good. I have a couple of climbers and they do tend to get top heavy. And, yes, forget-me-nots are welcome here, easy to pull out once other plants start to grow and how can anyone not love that baby blue colour?

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