Six-on-Saturday 16-03-2019

Just a quick six this week, we are busy with grandchildren!

Hoping the winds haven’t caused you too much damage.

Here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


It’s “Buddy Week” this time. So many buds appearing. This is the fig tree. Always looks promising but no edible fruit since Granny’sGardenHimIndoors was given it as a birthday present at least 5 years ago. It looks healthy though.


Although I was worried about the Pittosporum last year, once the heavy rains of last spring died out, it stopped dropping leaves and was fine all summer. Looks promising for this year.


This is a relative of the Bridal Veil shrub. It has clusters of small, white flowers but doesn’t have the lovely “drooping” branches.


The magnolia stellata isn’t covered in buds but there are enough to provide a reasonable display in a few weeks time.


The lilac tree. Always reliable (I hope I don’t regret saying that!) and a fragrance that immediately takes me back to childhood.


Garden accessory of the week.

My #1 son-in-law mentioned that he was going to try blackberry twigs as a deterrent/barrier for slugs. I am finding it quite effective as a deterrent/barrier for the local cat population on my raised bed!

That’s it for this week. I may be a bit more colourful next week!

12 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 16-03-2019

  1. The syringa is at the same stage but my magnolia stellata is already all white for a week. Yours should soon blossom. About the fig tree, it’s weird because I see that there are already fruits? They never ripen and fall?
    I add a fertilizer in spring ( special fig mix : NPK 6-4-12 + 2MgO)

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  2. It’s nice to see all those buds ready to open and lots of fresh new unnibbled green leaves. I’ve been trying twiggy prunings on beds to try and deter cats. I always have a handy milk bottle of water at hand to further deter them.

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  3. Phew! I was scrolling down and came to your garden tool photo. But I stopped at that point and didn’t get to the explanation below. I spent five minutes looking closely for some hidden tool. Thought you’d posted the wrong photo. Then I scrolled down again. I use an aqua-blaster toy. If ever you prune your fig and come across hollow branches, don’t worry. They naturally hollow in the middle as they age.


  4. You just reminded me, I must go out with a torch and try my slug deterrent on any slugs on my seeds in the greenhouse. Secateurs, and I don’t lie them down on the ground to scare the slugs away.

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