Six-on-Saturday 09-03-2019

Plenty to be done in the garden and the greenhouse but that forecast for later in the week is rather daunting!

A bit of a mixture, so I will get started.

Here is my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


Not very good lighting but a very healthy Spider Plant. This has been going for many years. I think the original has long gone but dozens of it’s “babies” have been passed around friends and family. I have mixed feelings about it. It is not a thing of beauty but stays green and undemanding through all seasons.


I don’t know whether you may remember a few weeks ago I posted a photo of the strange leaves on a new houseplant. Well, this is how it has progressed. The new leaves are definitely forming at the tip of the old leaf. (Another case of poor lighting, but I think it is clear enough to see what is happening.)


No, it’s not a jar of something suspicious from the garden, just the last of the very tasty Green Tomato Chutney 😥. It has been a big success!😁 Unfortunately, or fortunately from my point of view, Granny’sGardenHimIndoors doesn’t really like chutney so I have had to eat it all myself! Apart from making the whole house smell of vinegar for a few hours, it was very easy to make.


The last of the Brussels!! That giant one in the middle is a Brussel top. Four plants have yielded dozens of portions.


The trough of irises, I think, but no sign of buds, yet.


Garden implement of the week.

A mini dibber which saves getting the fingers and fingernails messy. Excellent for pricking out seedlings – a present from my son’s kind in-laws, along with a larger dibber. They have both been well used!

No exciting colours, this week but there is always something of interest out there.

Looking forward to seeing your Sixes-on-Saturday.

16 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 09-03-2019

  1. This is my first visit to your blog! I have just started collecting house plants again after reading all the information on the benefits of having them. My first one being a tiny spider plant – hope it grows as big as yours. I have also tried this spring different bulbs to try and get some colour in the garden at this time of the year and have been very pleased with my little irises that were a beautiful blue colour. I look forward to reading your next blog. Sue

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  2. My irises have finally flowered after weeks of being on the verge.
    My original spider plant is probably set to be replaced by pups. The original was several in one pot, the common garden centre trick to make it look like more but as its getting bigger it’s getting messy.

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  3. I will nominate you for a medal in recognition of the great sacrifice you made in order to overcome GGHI’s refusal to participate in the great chutney consumption. I would be happy to volunteer to share your great burden, should it be necessary, later this year. A recipe that includes raspberries is certainly interesting. There are plants whose leaves change shape as they age which may give the impression that leaves are growing out of leaves. Do the leaves of yours have any scent when you rub or crush them? And are they hairy? Something is saying to me that it might be a variety of Pelargonium.

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    1. Unfortunately, I had only enough green tomatoes for 2and a half jars of chutney so, kind as it is of you to offer, I will cope very well on my own. (The raspberry flavour is very subtle!)


  4. What kind of irises are they? I thought they were alliums of some type Or star of Bethlehem, which I am getting in so many of my beds. Pretty flower, but it gets everywhere! I’m only familiar with the wide, flat leaved iris!
    My irises are just barely starting to get new growth.

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  5. I also sowed some flag irises a month ago and left them in a coldframe as adviced. Nothing has sprouted so far. But seeing yours gives me a sign of what to expect.
    Green tomato chutney …yum !

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  6. Spider plants are the house plants that keep on giving. Supposed to be good for purifying the air too apparently. I really need to get me a dibber.

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  7. I have had spider plants for eons! Keep leaving them behind when I move house though. They do get rather straggly after a while and I have three like that at the moment which will be split and repotted once the weather is warmer!

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