Six-on-Saturday 02-03-2019

Into March and it’s getting cooler! I have enjoyed several weeks of being able to pull up the weeds, without too much difficulty, from our heavy clay soil until Thursday morning. The ground was just too dry and my weeding fork (featured last week) could not get under the soil. Anyway, half an hour later, I couldn’t do anything at all due to the rain pelting down!

That rain has encouraged more shoots and buds and the daffodils are coming out en masse.

Here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


The pulmonaria is such a pretty plant with interesting leaves. I find that I need to pull up a lot of it at the end of flowering because it gets very straggly.


Garden implement of the week.

No, I know it may be the same item as last week but I have been using it as a hoe rather than a fork since, as I mentioned before, I couldn’t get under the weeds so I just “cut” them off at the base with this! I will let you know if I can find another use for it!


A couple of small tulips have shown their colours this week. If it’s sunny, they open right out and don’t look very tulip like. They look better like this.


I could use this as a question in “Guess the plant” competition. Any ideas? Answer at the bottom of the post.


The daffodils which are interspersed with the lavender plants are coming out nicely now. (A big bag of bulbs was a present from Granny’sGardenHimIndoors at least 15 years ago.) The potentilla at the front of the picture is looking rather dead, but I am hoping it’s just late getting going. The escallonia at the back of the picture needs a bit of pruning – it’s rather a thug, but fills a corner and looks good when it comes into flower.


The Leaning Barrel of Granny’s Garden. Not really a tourist attraction, I admit. I think this is another result of the extremely dry winter with soil cracking and shifting. The Clematis Montana, whose many budless branches can be seen to the left of the barrel, is not looking good. Usually, it makes a lovely, fragrant camouflage for this corner.

Since I joined Mr Propagator’s Six-on-Saturday (just about this time last year)) there has been a worrying number of casualties in my garden:

One plum tree

Two clematis

One potentilla

One pussy willow

One mock orange (I think it’s dead, I can’t see any buds)

All these were established, healthy shrubs so I am rather disappointed.

I mentioned that I bought two new clematis as replacements last week but I need to sort the barrel before I put that in.

Answer to “Guess the Plant”. Well, I think the previous owner had a thing about chives: this is a fuschia plant which does very well every year but I find it so awkward to remove the chives that are in amongst the roots. I have a couple of other fuschias of the same type nearby so I think I will dig up this fuschia and the intertwined chives and get rid of them both. (All the borders have these chives appearing; also, just before I mow the lawn, I can see dozens of tall chives standing taller than the grass and the buttercups and the daisies!)

That’s it for this week. I hope the weather is not too bad where you are and you can enjoy your garden.

13 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 02-03-2019

  1. I think I’ve got a patch of chives coming up that my mum planted last year but not certain will have to wait and see. I’ve still not got any daffs flowering yet though looking at other peoples I think I’d like a few of the white varieties next year.

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  2. After your post last week, I was trying to remember what Fergus Garrett called this fork at Great Dixter, which inspired me to buy it. I think he called it a ‘tickling fork’ for clearing around plants in the middle and back of a border. But then again, that might have been Ken Dodd…

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  3. I had guessed for the chives but not for the fuchsia … Normal because it’s still ( or not) winter
    You don’t have a fence between the sidewalk and your garden? Weird. Is this ordinary in England?
    Nice tulip : do you know its name? variegated Arlequin?


  4. My mother-in-law’s garden is being taken over by something that looks very chive like but doesn’t seem to be a chive as such. That daffodil/lavender planting scheme looks very nice. I hope the Montana pulls through. I like the long handled mini garden fork.

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  5. Look on the bright side. As things die, as they do, they present opportunities. I have 18 trees less in my plot than I did a year ago. And quite a few shrubs have been removed because they weren’t performing, including six clematis. But I have lots of new plants, here already or on order, to replace them. Don’t think of death but, rather, of renewal.

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    1. Thank you for those positive thoughts. Good to see your post again although I haven’t given it my full attention yet. I need to have a careful think about what to replace some of the casualties with.


  6. I don’t think it’s grass. It looks like it has hollow stems. Allium, perhaps onion chives? But, again, the leaves seem rather thin for chives.
    Do you have nearby grasses that went to seed? Or does a neighbor? I think my blue fescue seeded the entire neighborhood summer before last!

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  7. My Montana is looking sparse this year too. Too hot last summer? And I guessed at chives, but not the fuchsia. I actually like chives – they make a nice edging plant if you allow them to flower. I have some garlic chives with white flowers but so far every year the borage takes over and they disappear. This year I have moved them to the edge of the raised herb bed, so fingers crossed.

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  8. I always find that Pulmonaria succumb to mildew towards the end of flowering so for the last few years I’ve cut the plants back to just above ground. The reward is loads of lovely new mildew free leaves. I hope the C. Montana survives.

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