Six-on-Saturday 23-02-2019

I decided to tidy the central flowerbed this week because the ivy seemed to be smothering the bird bath. This was a bigger job than I anticipated, as you will see later. I also thought it was time to prune the mint before it swamped the herb garden and the autumn fruiting raspberries needed to be cut down too. This has been a lovely week weatherwise…. lucky, retired old me!

I will get straight into this week’s Six-on-Saturday to show you the results of my efforts.


First, anyone who remembers my inaugural Six-on-Saturday will recognise the orchid that has flowered consistently for 7 years now. It is as good as its first year still!


The first dwarf irises from our generous relative are flowering now. There are some tulips and daffodils behind them in the troughs but there are no signs of imminent bursting into bloom, yet.


The ivy had a huge root which I had to saw off. There was a whole tubtrug, plus more, full of the ivy I removed, but at least you can now see the soil, the shrubs, some bulbs and plants which had been completely covered! Much tidier but a bit bare. The rocks/stones/boulders are items that various grandchildren brought back from their holidays. Their kind parents suggested they leave them with Granny for her garden rather than taking them back in their suitcases on the plane! (Yes, the lawnmower came out of hibernation this week.)


Around the base of the bird bath, you may have noticed many of these strange fossils. As I worked my way around the garden when we first moved here, I kept digging up these fossils of varying sizes. I understand they are called “Devil’s teeth” or “Dragon’s toenails” or “Devils toenails” or……..etc. They were certainly better than the hardcore I dug up from the front flowerbed and what is now the little herb garden. (Six large bucketsful from the front flowerbed and two from the herb garden.)


Garden tool of the week.

This was passed on to me from my father-in-law. It must be even older than me! (No comments, thank you.) It does creak every time I use it (not me, the fork) but, at the moment, the soil is not too heavy nor too hard so it saves a lot of bending down to pick up the weeds.


A broad bean……at last!!. I have given up trying the old seeds and thrown them onto the compost heap. The new ones were planted a couple of weeks ago and here is the result. Now to try the new Sweet peas!

Just remembered, I went to get a sack of potting compost and came home with that….and another and two clematis and a pack of Sweet pea seeds.

That’s it for this week. The forecast is fine here for the weekend and I hope where you are, too.

13 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 23-02-2019

  1. I wondered how you’d fare with your compost purchasing trip! I’m glad I took SoSers advice and got shot of the ivy I discovered in one of the borders now. The birdbath bed looks very neat and lots of space for new plants!

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  2. I found an Ivy in my Woodland Garden and as it was headed in the direction of a small retaining wall I didn’t disturb it. I have never seen it before! What in the world are those toenail thingys? Are they really fossils? What produced them?

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    1. I don’t know, but I took some to a student who was studying Geology as well as Maths and he told me that they were fossils with the nickname I can’t quite remember! I wonder if any of the other Six-on-Saturday participants know? Thank you for your comment.


  3. I agree with CadyLuck those toenails are weird! But a good job on clearing the bird bath and I am sure the birds will be grateful. Now lots of space to fill with new goodies. And what is it about SoSers and garden centres? Has no-one got any self control? (In case you are wondering, I simply avoid visiting).
    Have a lovely week GG 🙂

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    1. I have become rather fond of those fossils, in fact I found another two this weekend! Anyway, I won’t be going to the garden centre again until I have dealt with that dead Willow and I want a Crab Apple tree to replace it. I will keep focused when I do go….. honestly, I will.

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