Six-on-Saturday 09-02-2019

Good morning..,.certainly better than yesterday morning! I managed to rush out in the small “window” between the rain stopping and the light going, to get a few photos in the evening.

I’m trying to be positive about the lack of germination of my (admittedly rather old) seeds and some of the newer ones. I have planted some broad beans (new seeds) in the greenhouse, how long should I expect to wait for them to show at this time of the year? To be continued, I hope!

Here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


If you look closely, you can see water in the dish under the indoor narcissi. I was rather puzzled as to why it wasn’t soaking up into the soil since it had been like this for a couple of days and yet the top of the soil was quite dry, even though I water from the top. Thinking about it, it may be because instead of using old broken pieces of flowerpots, I often use pieces of polystyrene since they are a bit lighter. That may be keeping the soil up out of reach of the water.

So, I have put the whole lot into a much larger one, as shown below then put much more water in. If you look at the plants a few days later, there is quite an improvement in growth.

(One is going berserk!) Can I risk carefully digging them up and replanting them, or should I just be patient?


Snowdrops properly in flower now. I keep finding small clumps in new places yet the “old” places seem devoid of the plants. I don’t remember moving them around though!


Buds on the apple trees. Looking a lot more promising than that poor plum tree.

(Those strings had suet and seed balls attached but it was too wet to step across the soil to remove them before the photo.) I am probably going to use it as a hanging post for flower baskets or a climbing frame for the clematis, this year anyway.


I can JUST see some colour in the camelia buds! Not that I can compete with Jim but I am hoping for plenty of blooms this year. I am leaving the half-chewed leaves there because they look healthier than some of the others!


This may be the last time we see this. I had left it to see whether it was just having a “rest” but I think it is time to say goodbye.šŸ˜„

I am hoping to shred šŸ˜ the twigs and use them as a mulch on some of the flowerbeds. If the weather is decent, I will do that next week.


The other job for next week……TIDY THE GREENHOUSE!!

Well, we have been invited to have lunch with Mr and Mrs P on Sunday – looking forward to that. This is the first time we have seen them since Christmas so Granny’sGardenHimIndoors and I are getting quite excited! I will report back next week on the state of the compost heap and his plants and cuttings and the lunch.

Enjoy your weekend.

9 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 09-02-2019

    1. I am thinking of a crab-apple tree. They don’t get too big, they have blossom in the spring and I really like crab-apple jelly. I am pleased to hear about your polystyrene experience, like you I thought it was a good way of recycling non-recyclable materials.

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  1. Same stage for my camellia buds… I was at the garden center this morning and they were obviously selling camellias but in bloom… always attractive but I had to resist … I left empty handed, they didn’t have any dahlias yet. Have a great weekend and a nice lunch tomorrow with Jonathan.

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