Six-on-Saturday 02-02-2019

This week has been a case of “too late” or “where’s the camera when I need it?” We had a very enjoyable few days in Cornwall and, as Jim had promised, the camelias were beautiful and at least two months ahead of us. (I forgot to take my camera with me to show you them as one of my Six-on-Saturday!) However, I didn’t see any magnolias. We have had a few centimetres of snow here but by the time I went out with the camera, it was starting to melt. Many of the photos would have looked better a couple of hours before!

Here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week.


The sedum troughs are just as I wanted them. A little bit of colour and thriving on neglect. The other one is covered in snow, so I haven’t bothered to show it.


The snow on the Brussels and the seed heads of the sedum. Quite pretty but already you can see the snow has melted somewhat.


Tulips and daffodils continue to push up through the soil. There are the outlines of the flower buds showing on some of them.


The raised bed with purple sprouting broccoli at the back and garlic at the front. I planted the garlic in November but I am not sure when it will be ready, or how can I tell? The Brussels to the left are still going strong – we must have had at least a dozen meals from them, so far.


The magnolia stellata has a few more buds showing than last year. I think I will prune out some of those internal branches after it has finished flowering — it looks a little congested. The lichen on it is rather a pretty pale turquoise colour.


This lily belonged to my father-in-law a long time ago. It sometimes has a couple of long stems with a cluster of flowers on each, but other times, like this year, the flower appears before the stem has come out properly.

That’s it, again. I am sure I am repeating some pictures but as the season progresses, there are differences showing.

Have a good weekend and enjoy your garden as much as you can.

27 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 02-02-2019

  1. With your photos I recognize my garden right now. Lichen on the magnolia stellata, bulbs that point the tip of their nose, hydrangea flowers covered with a little snow hat … I’m in my garden … but in England ..!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

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  2. My wife loves purple sprouting broccoli. I’d never heard of it before. I must see if there are any signs of the tulips in my pots. Maybe when it warms up a little. I like the sedum trough.

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    1. We were only there for three nights . One day was a washout and the other we played golf. I mentioned to Jim Stephens that I went to the Eden Project last summer and although I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t go again. A lot of places are shut in January but we had a lovely break.

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      1. A lot of places ARE closed in January that’s true. Nice and quiet though πŸ™‚ Eden is very expensive and doesn’t change an awful lot over the years – I enjoyed having the Locals Pass last year which meant I could visit as often as I wanted for free and I enjoyed seeing the Biomes in different seasons. The outside gardens are very nice too.

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  3. Our Kalettes are doing as well as your Brussels this year. Very satisfying aren’t they?Sorry you wouldn’t go to Eden again as I find it does change over time. However, I certainly agree that it is very expensive if you are not a local. It’s a shame.

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