Six-on-Saturday 19-01-2019

Bit chilly today but not as much of a frost as was expected the last couple of days. The theme this week seems to be mostly mauve or purple…… by accident rather than by design.

Our youngest grandson is with us again this weekend so we will be making shortbread by popular demand from Granny’sGardenHimIndoors.


These crocuses become rather a pale mauve by the time they open out. There is a reasonable number of them but I need to remove the forget-me-nots and that celandine, plus the perennial geranium to be able to see them properly!


The packs of purple, white and purple-and-white tulips were planted last year and look quite healthy. Maybe this year I will have a decent display not eaten by whatever eats tulip bulbs!


Is it pink or is it mauve? Debatable, but one of the less chewed primula plants in the garden. Plus the perennial geranium.


Well, I reckon there is a purple look to these, especially on the back of the flower buds. That Hebe behind is growing well and looking good but no flowers since I planted it about 12 years ago. Never mind, that perennial geranium will provide colour, as always!


I can’t find any more purple, so on to white to finish. Nearly flowering snowdrops! I will photograph them again when they actually flower.


The strangely named “Money Plant”. This is the umpteenth cutting from the original from at least 40 years ago. It has flourished and multiplied, unlike the money! (That pot is actually quite large, around 40cm diameter. We won that about 25 years ago at a golf tournament.) The tiny flowers are not quite out yet and are not that striking but always welcome.

That’s it again. Keep warm and enjoy your weekend.

11 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 19-01-2019

  1. That’s an impressive money plant! I tried growing a couple of those on my windowsill, but neither lasted longer than a couple of months…. not sure what that says about me and money!

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  2. My crassula has not bloomed so far. I’m still waiting for the first ones
    I see that your photos are becoming more beautiful as the weeks go by. I don’t know what you have changed but I had to tell you my thought. Good job because the focus is better.

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    1. I am not doing anything different with my Nexus that I use to take the photos but I try to make sure that I hurry out to take them in the brighter weather. Do you put the fresh shreddings straight onto the soil? I am hoping to do that when I remove that lifeless Pussy Willow in the front garden.

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      1. Yes … Even though the fresh stems are not easy to shred because of the sap that is making a jam. Sometimes I wait for a big pile to shred everything together. I sort the plants (no stems of roses, or peach or apricot branches to avoid spreading diseases … and I sort them by category (acid soil or not))

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