Six-on-Saturday 12-01-2019

We have our youngest grandson staying with us for a couple of days this weekend. He has been having a go at a “puzzle ball”, i.e.a jigsaw which is a ball shape – not easy! I would have asked him to help me with finding suitable items for my Six-on-Saturday, but that was even more of a challenge!

Anyway, here are the Six-on-Saturday I managed to find for this week.


Just to complete the song from last week……..these are the rosemary and thyme plants. That perennial geranium is getting warmed up for the season – taking over already!


Last year the purple aubretia was quite successful rooting itself in the small gap at the edge of the slabs. However, this year, it has moved down amongst the stonecrop and a lavender has seeded itself in its place. I think I will do a bit of rearranging in the spring.


The peonies are beginning to shoot at various places in the garden. Meanwhile, I have been pulling up most of the forget-me-nots as I weed the flowerbeds, I missed one here! I am gradually digging in/gathering up the leaves as I make my way around the garden.


One of the sempervivums doing well in the kitchen.


The clematis that brought down the trellis several months ago was looking decidedly dead but I looked a bit more closely this morning and noticed a few buds showing – albeit slightly blurred in some cases!


The compost heap hasn’t been shown for a few weeks so I felt it should be included. Actually, following the advice of #1 son-in-law, I have kept some long blackberry twigs that were growing up inside the Mexican Orange Blossom shrub (which I pruned recently) in order to deter the slugs. I just put them on top of the autumn raspberries, beside the heap, to dry out. (They are the green, slightly wilted twigs you can see.)

That’s it again. We need to go and finish the Lightning McQueen Puzzle ball before tea and then make some Soda Bread (Granny’sGardenHimIndoors’s favourite) and some shortbread. Our grandson wants to be a baker when he grows up and is certainly showing a keen interest at the age of 5.


5 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 12-01-2019

  1. Clematis are amazing plants aren’t they, all that new life that comes from seemingly dead twigs. I’ve never managed to successfully grow Aubretia, I think it gets too overshadowed by other plants in the summer. I can’t quite do the less is more style of gardening!

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