Six-on-Saturday 08-12-2018

Getting closer to the days turning, thank goodness! It looks as though this week shouldn’t be so dreary and wet.

Anyway, on to this week’s Six-on-Saturday.


A few indoor plants this week. This Begonia Rex has been going on for ages and ages. Occasionally we get a few flowers but they are not spectacular. It is another plant that thrives on healthy neglect.


This is a spare sedum from the original “lot” I purchased to go into the miniature terrarium last March. It is doing well because it has more root space than those that I probably packed too tightly into too small a space.


This is the 6th year this orchid has sent out a stem of flower buds. I don’t know much about orchids but I haven’t repotted it, nor have I fed it, nor have I put in any fresh compost – it likes to be treated mean!


The African Violet is a cutting from my neighbour a few years ago. It is quite happy but whenever I look underneath the foliage to check for dead leaves, the main stem seems to be very loosely attached. I am afraid to repot it in case I break it completely. I think I will carefully top up the compost and gently pat it down.


This watering can must be over 80 years old. My father-in-law passed it on to us when he stopped gardening. I don’t use it for watering because the holes in the spout are so small……and it leaks but it looks nice! The stems in the greenhouse behind are from a Passion Flower plant and some couch grass . Both are awkward to get at to pull up, so I don’t think I will be able to remove the roots completely.


A rather new, rather different, rather pretty watering can. A birthday present several months ago from my neighbour who looks after the greenhouse when we are away. Behind the greenhouse is a rather straggly verbena bonariensis in another “hard to reach” place. I can probably stake it if I can gather the stems together.

That’s it again – houseplants and watering cans, maybe next week there will be some new shoots! Enjoy the weekend.

11 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 08-12-2018

  1. I love your watering can also impressed by the sturdy way the spout is attached to the can. with my cans, that is the spot where they break and then i need to get them resoldered.

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  2. I too love the watering can which looks like it has given many years of good service. Couch grass can be such a problem and almost impossible to eradicate as a tiny piece seems always to be left behind to grow again.

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  3. I like the antique watering can. Very nice. The African Violet is a lovely colour. You’re right, the nights will soon start to get shorter and the days longer!

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  4. The drawback to participating in SoS is all the new ideas you get (which ends in buying more plants). I’ve been thinking for a little while about houseplants, not having had any since my student days (several centuries ago). Now you give me a selection of treat-em-mean houseplants that all look very nice, especially that begonia. Hmm . . . my mother was crazy about African violets &, after she’d shooed us all out of her house, she built an addition w/gravel floors & plumbing & hung lights & row after row of tables for them. She used to propagate them from a leaf in some sort of medium which I cannot remember, but for her, it was all very easy. Perhaps you could take a leaf from yours just in case?

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