Six-on-Saturday 01-12-2018

It doesn’t feel as though we are nearly at Christmas but the longer days are approaching! The garden isn’t getting any livelier or lovelier yet but we can look ahead to masses of new daffodils, tulips and irises, at least I have planted masses of new daffodils, tulips and irises…..we shall see.

Anyway, another Six-on-Saturday with not a lot of colour.


The Pittosporum which looked rather unhappy earlier in the year picked up once the “spring” rains stopped and has been much healthier looking ever since. I gave it very little water during the hot summer months, just enough to dampen the soil occasionally and, in spite of losing many leaves early on, it looks fine now.


The trellis is back in place after being brought down by an overgrown clematis a couple of months ago. It is screwed in more securely now so I will make sure I keep next year’s growth under control!


At the start of the season I ventured into the watery depths at the bottom of the garden. I cut back, dug up and pulled out as much of the weeds and undergrowth as I could on the bank. Some of it has grown back but not the majority. I need to do some tidying up soon.


Those little white foxgloves that I repotted are growing slightly more now. The ones on the right are a bit smaller.


As usual, not a good photo but you may see several green shoots from the perfumed, indoor narcissi showing through. I don’t think they will be in bloom by Christmas though.


The old wheelbarrow in amongst the lilac and the forsythia leaves. I am hoping that some strong winter storms will blow them away, or, perhaps Mr Propagator will pay me a visit and gather them up for his leaf mold!

Have a good weekend weather permitting.


17 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 01-12-2018

  1. Goodness, you were quick Fred! I usually do my comment to Mr Propagator then do my link but did it the other way around today and hadn’t even finished typing! (I have to admit that I took that photo a couple of weeks ago.) I look forward to seeing your post.


  2. You did a great job nurturing the Pittosporum. It looks really well. I also just scoop up leaves and throw them on the borders.


    1. Yes, I’ve left as many leaves in the border as I can. Don’t have time for clearing. Though keeping my lawn good seems pointless currently as about to have builders back and forth over it. I like the wheel barrow. Mine is gradually falling apart to a point where I leave a trail behind me. Might be getting a new one for Christmas though.

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      1. I may have mentioned that the metal parts of the wheelbarrow are nearly 100 years old. I tried to copy the original, whose wood had completely rotted away, and am relatively happy with the result although it is not built for grandchildren to ride in…… I have a modern, functional one which does that job perfectly! Thank you for your comment, again.


  3. Can we dispose of the obvious contradiction, please? There’s plenty of colour in your six today. People forget that green is a colour. Two shades of green in your Pittosporum, green and yellow (and gold) in your trellis photo. The face that you made the wheelbarrow hasn’t sunk in before. I admire your craftspersonship.

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  4. I also would just put my fallen leaves in the garden to rot down. Your pittosporum looks particularly healthy and I like the variegated leaves, Granny. Do you put potplants in that charming old wheelbarrow? Many people would….

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  5. Love that wheelbarrow & all the little plants peeping up through. Is that a ditch at the bottom of your garden? How nice to have a little rill there. And because I’m nosy, in the background of the trellis photo, do the tarps mean you’re having work done? If so, what project is afoot?

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  6. That is called “Granny’s River” at the bottom of the garden! I have not heard of a “rill” before.
    The building site in the background is actually in the garden next door. They have had major alterations in the last 2 years – we are not sure when it will be completed!


    1. I like that! As to rill, I’ve lived so many places, I don’t really know where some of my words come from, but rill is a small stream or ditch of water. In Appalachia, where I’m originally from, we’d call it a ‘run’. Granny’s River is the best, however.


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