Six-on-Saturday 3-11-2018

November already. Quite a mixture of weather here this week. The frosts have put paid to several plants, as you will see in my post, but the sun is shining today and I even mowed the lawn!

Last week “One Man And His Garden Trowel” suggested that I leave my pile of cuttings for a wildlife haven. What a good idea, I thought, but then realised I would simply be creating a perfect “Take Away restaurant” for our cat who has progressed from bringing in just old feathers and garden worms, to dead, or nearly dead, or decapitated birds or small mammals! Needless to say, I decided to spend time this morning shredding that pile plus the frosted fuschia and the frosted runner beans. Unfortunately, the frosted items clogged up the shredder because, obviously, they had quite sludgy leaves and stems, as frosted plants do – silly me!

Here are my Six-on-Saturday. It is becoming more challenging to find pretty or interesting plants/items to include, but the garden never stops changing. I shall look forward to seeing the gardens in their spring colours from the other side of the world!


The sorry sights of the fuschia, the tumbling begonias and the Apple of Peru plants after the frosts. Since the fuschia cuttings clogged up the shredder, I decided to “mow” them when doing the lawn. They didn’t clog up the mower, so all is well.


I have tried a couple of times to take this photo over the last few weeks. The twigs of the blueberry plants are a beautiful, soft shade of red. This picture doesn’t do them justice either but it’s not bad. (I could do with Hey Jude’s help here, her photos show the colours and plants so clearly!)


A sack of well-rotted horse manure ready to be spread around and gently dug into the greenhouse bed. (That mass of green behind the greenhouse is a rampant, ornamental mint which I dug up completely a few months ago – not very effectively!)


I may have shown this before but the Stonecrop provides a simple and effective border to the greenhouse.


That compost heap (don’t think it has featured for a couple of weeks) emptied last weekend then half filled yesterday with the shreddings and the grass cuttings. I usually cover it in the winter but it could do with some rain to help the composting process and rain is forecast this week, so I will leave it open.


Finishing with some colour! The previously much maligned standard geranium is still flowering. They have been a big disappointment since they took months to get started then have not “bushed out” at all, but they have survived the first few frosts and maybe I will find a corner for them in the greenhouse. (I think I was contemplating that last week, too.)

That was my Six-on-Saturday for this week. (I must be repeating myself a lot because the predictive text finishes many of my sentences before I have decided what to write!! It did the whole of that previous sentence………. technology is taking over!🤔😱🤖) Have a good weekend.


17 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 3-11-2018

  1. Lucky escape for me! I was going to post a series of “post frost” photos today but realised, when the cat got me up at 5.30 (he doesn’t recognise the time change) I realised I’d forgotten one photo I’d written about and waited until it was light enough to take it. Which gives me the opportunity to take out most of the frosty pics and come up with something else. Like you did last week! Clogged shredders are a pain but you’ve already discovered the abilities of the humble mower. Good luck with your mint eradication. At least it’ll be good, ongoing exercise 😉

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  2. Mowing is a great way to deal with things that need shredding, and not nearly as much trouble as getting out the mulcher. My Gargantua gets clogged too and is an absolute pain to get going again.

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  3. Aw, thanks for the compliment Granny, first and foremost my passion is for garden photography so I have a head start there. Red though is always a tough colour to capture properly so do not despair, maybe wait until there is a cloudy day and stand a little further away from the stems. The sun tends to overexpose the colours. I do envy you your compost bins.

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  4. You’ve made your garden look like a death feature, but that stone crop (?) around the frost bitten plants gives you away. Are your red stemmed blueberries ordinary or is that a special type? (I’m window shopping for blueberry bushes.) That geranium is tempting as well. I always thought of them as old lady plants &I now that I’m an old lady . . . well, old, anyway. My cat, Mizzy BunnyButt, wants to know if she can have a play date w/yours. Sounds like good eatings in your neck of the woods.

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    1. I bought three different types of blueberry bushes and they all have the same red branches. Those geraniums are Young Lady plants, at least I tell myself that! At the moment, my hunter is sleeping off his nocturnal activities on his favourite chair. Mizzy Bunny Butt would be welcome to join in but I don’t know how many meals are left locally – there are quite a few other cats around here!

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      1. Thanks for the info about the blueberries. I didn’t know about the red stems. Our area is heaving w/cats, some friends & some foes, as well as fox, but Mizzy BB often graces me w/a decapitated gift on the mat in the morning. The place must be teeming w/rodents as well.


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