Six-on-Saturday 22-09-2018

I shall get my wingeing out of the way first. All I was doing was listening to the radio (using my phone, as usual) when I caught it with my sleeve and it leapt into the washing up bowl! It was there for 1 second, at most, …….you can fill in the rest! So off to the phone shop today, but I need the invaluable assistance of Granny’sGardenHimIndoors to get the new one set up. He is golfing, just now, although he said he wouldn’t play if it started to rain – well, it hasn’t stopped here!

I am digressing, so back to the garden. Not particularly bright colours this week and no sunshine to brighten them up either!


The strawberries are still producing a few fruits and the miniature kiwi fruit tree has had at least a dozen this year! It was a present about 5 years ago but all the fruit either dropped off, in the past, or were hard and bitter. These looked past their best on the tree, but when I tried one, it was very tasty!! I will encourage it and look after it better next season and wait longer for them to ripen.


In the early summer, you may have seen the pretty, pink hydrangea. Clearly it is changing from summer to autumn colours and still looking quite good!


That Salvia that Mr P gave me earlier in the year started with rather small, not as blue, flowers. The colour seems to have become deeper and the florets larger!


This shrub’s berries turn pink as the autumn progresses. I think it is called a Euonymous. (See what’s peeping out underneath? Sorry…… I know I am predictable.)


Oh dear! The storms blew over that tall gladiolus from last week.

However, with a stake, a bit of string and a cane topper (which is hidden by the blooms) it is bowed but not broken! (Is that the correct saying? It doesn’t see quite right, but apt for the situation.)


Finally, the bark on the “probably dead” plum tree is turning the most beautiful shades of deep (I would say) plum red!! I don’t remember noticing this in previous years. Whether it survives or not, I hope to use it as a climbing support for a clematis rather than chopping it down to ground level.

Well, I will be texting #1 grandson later to wish him well at university. A very exciting new stage for him – he has done brilliantly, of course!

Enjoy your weekend and I will look forward to seeing your Sixes-on-Saturday, as always!

24 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 22-09-2018

  1. I also grow kiwai (actinidia arguta, miniature kiwifruit as you said). It’s the first year of growth and I had about 10 flowers that I had to pollinate with a brush. All gave me fruit but the birds ate half. I found them very tasty when they were ripe. A taste of passion fruit. I hope to have more next year.

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  2. Not particularly bright colours you say then whack us with the salvia and those Rudbeckias. Not a lot wrong with the hydrangea for colour either. That’s the second or third time that Actinidia has crossed my radar in the last few weeks too. I might have room for one of them.

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    1. I am not sure whether my reply came through – I am using my new phone and am not quite sure if I posted it. Anyway, I felt the hydrangea was a rather less colourful version of the earlier one. Meanwhile, the kiwi tree isn’t particularly inspiring but interesting to grow. Thank you for your comment, as always.


  3. Well someone else said it but I’ll add that your salvia looks more floriferous. You are clearly a master (or mistress) when it comes to canes and string (and camera angle). I’d never have guessed that your gladdie was propped up. And the flowers do match the fence behind it. I will resist a critical comment about GGHI whacking his balls with a club. He’s clearly a swinger and so will like a pampas in the front lawn.Did you carefully stage that bowl at the beginning? Hmmmmmmm……. (virtual schlurp) πŸ˜‰

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  4. I’m so pleased you were able to prop the gladdie up and post a photo of it in flower. It’s a very pretty pink. Also very lovely is that salvia: such a vibrant shade of blue.

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  5. I thought you had to have two kiwis, a male and female to get fruit. Is this one self-fertile? If so I want one. Your fruit bowl looks delicious, obviously something to be savoured in privacy whilst less sensible people are chasing after little balls. Does it rain where you live? How on earth have you managed to get a hydrangea to bloom like that this year? It’s lovely.

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    1. I understand that this is a self fertile variety. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name but James Wong, the celebrity gardener, endorses it, if that’s any help! Yes, we are having/have had plenty of rain recently. Thank you for your comment.


  6. Like Jim, I think I may have to add a dwarf kiwi to my life. I always take a bent glad as a sign it needs to come inside & sit in a vase for my pleasure & my pleasure alone. The one flower I regularly bring inside. Love your plum tree bark – surprised to read it was a plum because it looked so much like a Tibetan cherry to my inexperienced eye. Think it’ll make a stunning trellis for a clematis, especially if it retains its colour.

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  7. Whoops on dunking the phone! I did read somewhere a few years ago that you can try to dry out a phone by putting it in a bag of uncooked rice…. never tried it though, so I dunno how reliable that is!

    Your strawberries are doing well then! Mine are producing fruit still, but it’s all squishy & nasty on one side, so I’m guessing it’s getting damp from the soil :K

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