Six-on-Saturday 15-09-2018

Good morning! It is a lovely day here and maybe I will get out into the garden soon. In 3 weeks time, our Little Soldier* gets married so there are a few minor alterations needed to our lovely, nearly daughter-in-law’s dress and to the Little Soldier’s suit jacket, so Granny is a bit busy indoors just now.

Very pleased to see Mr Kingdon is back, but I hope he is careful with all that digging and cutting back! It looks rather daunting and very hard work.

This week, I have tried to put in some original photos but it is becoming difficult, although the garden itself is looking different due to the plants being at further stages or second flushes (I hope that makes sense.) I am pleased that Mr Kingdon is keeping a couple of perennial geranium plants, mine are still going… yippee!!

Here is my Six-on-Saturday for this week. Have a good weekend.

*Our Little Soldier is a very good looking, 6’3″ young man – well relatively young! ( At least, he was 6’3″ when he left home but our lovely, nearly daughter-in-law says that he is 6’2″! I’m not happy about that!)


The rather disappointing geraniums are showing a decent amount of colour now so I hope we don’t get any frost for a few weeks.


The view at the other side of the garden. A different “blue” shrub and the sedum is nearly in full colour.


Well, I did tell you that there were only two gladioli that had flowered, but, walking down the garden, I noticed this!!!

a) I planted only dwarf gladioli, (that’s a 6′ fence), and

b) I am sure it wasn’t there yesterday!


The tumbling, fragrant begonia which doesn’t tumble, nor is there any perfume, is quite pretty beside the greenhouse door.


This mimulus usually spreads further but, in the spring, I had to dig it up to get at a dandelion which was growing right in the middle of it. I think I got rid of the dandelion but it knocked the plant back a bit. ((The perennial geranium looking good for next year!)


This one’s for Lora! These are two seedlings which I moved a few weeks ago hoping they would survive. Clearly they have. The flowers are small and do not open out all at once, but, I like the structure of the plant anyway.

That’s it for another week. Looking forward to seeing your Sixes-on-Saturday, as always.

13 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 15-09-2018

  1. I got a real chuckle out of your Apple of Peru (or shoofly). I check ‘mine’ out (it’s growing in a wall at the church) every day when we walk the dogs. There’ll be seeds, soon now. Very soon. Ours is still blooming to beat the band. Lovely plant. Your other blue shrub really interests me. It looks great w/the sedum. What is it? And that glad. How can anyone not like a glad in all its stages? Pretty big for a dwarf.

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  2. The gladdie makes a perfect pattern with the fence. I hope next week we might see its flowers. I was interested in the blue plant too and wondered if it might be a caryopteris?

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    1. According to Jim Stephens, that is what it is. I just remember ordering 3 blue shrubs a few years ago but don’t recall their name. (He is always most helpful naming some of my unknown plants!) Thank you for your comment.

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  3. Thanks for the welcome. Please feel free to call me John. Like others, I think that gladiolus is stunning. None of mine grew that vertical (or is it “vertically”?) or straight and I also notice that when your blooms open they will line up with the horizontal boards in the fence too. I’ve found the normal annual geraniums poor this year. But if you don’t mind deep red, have a look out for Calliope Geraniums. These are a new type which, for me, have been far more prolific flowerers. They’ll be in my six next week.


  4. I too am eager for next week’s photo of that stately glad in bloom! A fall wedding so soon sounds glorious. You are very kind to be helping with sewing and preps. Interesting that you dig your glads (I see above). I haven’t dug them in the 5 years we’ve lived here. Do you get a lot of snow? Usually I lose a small percentage to voles, though, so I keep adding more to the glad beds, but the vast majority return to bloom again.

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  5. Good morning (or night for you!). I haven’t been successful in the second year with gladioli, so will see what happens if I dig them up. We don’t get much snow, generally, maybe I will leave some and dig up others. Thank you for your comment.

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  6. I have just explained to Lora that I used to think of begonias as granny territory but have come to love them. Perhaps you could say they are glamorous granny territory.
    My Little Soldier has just started school – bet he will be 6’2”/3” in the blink of an eye… Good luck for the wedding!

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    1. That’s cheered me up. Not that I needed that really. I am without my mobile because I dropped it into the washing up bowl for no more than a SECOND and it is now dead!! I don’t reckon I use it that much but when you haven’t got it, you are surprised how often you go to use it!!
      Anyway, I hope your Little Soldier is enjoying school and I bet you are missing him dreadfully. Thank you for your comment.

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