Six-on-Saturday 8-08-2018

The autumnal nights (ie. much cooler ones) are with us now, thank goodness! I have really enjoyed the sunny days but didn’t like the warm nights. The garden continues to look quite good (from a decent distance) and that marvellous Rudbeckia is still starring, along with the roses. This weekend I hope to spend some time in the garden – it soon gets ahead of itself and ahead of me, for that matter!

Here are my Six-on-Saturday for this week but instead of taking them on a sunny Friday afternoon, I was rather busy and have had to take them on a rainy Saturday morning! Silly Granny.


Mr Propagator and I must be tuned into the same something or other because I had decided to put a picture of MY gaura in this week. This dwarf, dark pink variety has been rather pathetic until recently but is looking better now. This was supposed to be a trough full of geraniums but the birds kept pulling them out, so I replaced three ruined ones with this, as I may have mentioned before, and will plant it in the garden proper for next season. (The pale pink, taller gauras can be very untidy, but with a little, early staking, they look fine and are still a favourite of mine.) If Mr P wants to propagate it, has he noticed any seedlings around it? If this is it’s first year, maybe there will be some in the spring.


If it hadn’t been raining and if my camera hadn’t been getting wet, I would have cleared all the leaves and twigs before taking these photos and they would have been much more impressive! I decided to put them in because they may be past their best by next week. I only noticed them a few days ago either side of the brown garden bin. It is the first year either of them have flowered…..unless I missed them completely in previous years!!


The beetroot and spring onions are getting going…at last! They were in neat rows until the cat danced around, or did something, in the new bed! I will thin out and tidy the beetroot this weekend. I know you can buy mixes including beetroot leaves, so we will try the “thinnings” with our salad this weekend.


The white perennial sweet pea has had a dramatic second flush! It does better than the others because it climbs over this shrub itself, as opposed to me trying to tie the pink ones to the wooden fence at the other side of the garden as they grow up it.


Sorry! It was either THAT 🌹 again, or this group of shrubs again! My excuse/reason is that it is changing and improving each week. The sedum still isn’t up to full colour yet but getting there. Jim commented on the spirea at the back left which has been even prettier since I removed the spent flowers and I think I pointed out our old friend the perennial geranium getting itself ready for next spring!


As always, I aim to finish with a beautiful picture…… well I like it!! It needs a good mix and tidy up soon, or maybe it is time to rotate it into the right hand dalek, which will have been emptied into the dalek to the right of it, the contents of which will have been spread around the garden. The birds seem to pull out as many of the paper shreddings as they can in order to get to those lovely worms, but they don’t put them back! (I don’t know what wood Mr Propagator used to make this container, but I reckon any new houses and cars should be made of this since it is showing no signs of rotting or breaking after nearly 19 years!)

Making 🍞 this morning, not for any noble reason it’s just that every time I buy 🍞 in a shop, I wish I hadn’t bothered because even my less successful batches taste so much better. Granny’sGardenHimIndoors prefers soda bread which is much easier to make but I prefer the “real”, more time consuming stuff!

Have a good weekend and I hope you manage to get out into your gardens.

6 thoughts on “Six-on-Saturday 8-08-2018

    1. Oh, go on! The cat hasn’t danced on the thinngs! It danced on the seeds before they grew and rooted. I suppose you don’t eat peas either because they have probably been grown on manured ground so think what they’ve been feeding on (and so now contain) πŸ˜‰

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  1. I’m also a #5 fan, but that dwarf gaura really caught my attention. Like yourself, I prefer homemade bread, be it soda or yeast. Toss a few herbs in & o my . . .

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